Newbie Q - dreads with Bio Mask...


I've got a Bio mask on order from Casey, and was wondering if anyone has ideas/experience in somehow modding it to be able to wear WITH dreads? I was thinking of maybe some kind of skull cap that the dreads attach to, that can be worn over the head with the mask. I'm not looking at a full Predator costume, but being able to wear the mask w/dreads would be super cool. I'm a 501st member also, so thinking of combining my Stormtrooper kit with the Predator head would be fun!

Thoughts, or any other threads on point? Appreciate the input.


What are these like to wear? I thought my Stormtrooper kit had poor visibility but this with a bio mask on must take it to near 0!?
With a half mask like this, the visibility depends on the bio mask alone. I guess you will see a bit more out of a one-piece visor than out of a two-eyes-visor if you know what I mean. Smoke tinted lenses and/or mesh can add to the obstruction.



I've actually had success with mesh, and with it being as close to you face as a mask is, you shouldn't have much, if any issue seeing through the mesh.


I wear a full mask and a cloudy bio on top of it.....wait until you're out trick or treating with kids. When the sun goes down, THATS 0 visability lol