I started with this project becoming a PREDATOR for Halloween, as a costume build, but then realized I was taking this project seriously by actually liking what I was doing. After seeing so many people posting enjoyable projects everything about PREDATOR I knew I was hooked. So it begins, in the YAUTJA WEAPONRY!!


The plasma caster is a MAJOR WEAPON of the PREDATOR species, duh! Well this is my concept of this weapon. At first glance my cannon is not much to look at, it's dull... boring and plain but still unique.

So I wanted to change that,... the plain boring dull part of my cannon. I've seen a lot of designs of other people's casters and I see the details they put into there unique cannons. So I wanted to upgraded my caster a little bit by using left over foam boards, and i came up with this design.

It's a work in progress but already looks AWESOME! (I think). It's a great start so far and more pieces can be glued on later down the road. A lot of my WEAPONS will be upgraded sooner or later on this thread and some pics of a lot of PREDATOR WEAPONRY I have done prop building as a beginner will be posted :) mostly before and after pictures.

Here's a NEW picture of my updated plasma caster, I think it looks way BETTER then the original but I still need to respray with GOLD so it stands out :) I'm planning to do a second plasma cannon but entirely different.
I worked on my Dragon bio today, nothing much just YET just a quick paint job today..

I need to add the GOLD duct tape on the spinal ridges and large fangs, but it's getting there. I'll be posting other newbie WEAPONRY on this thread, so check in noob cosplayers :)
I have a NEW bio I'm GONNA be working on next week, i'm calling this one "RONIN" it's something I've been wanting to do for a long time and now that I got the motivation i'm gonna build one for my PREDATOR suit.

The mouth area is gonna be open for the mandibles to stick out of, I thought that be cool. Eventually I'm gonna make a YouTube video on my bios how I build them, what I used etc.


I think you are doing great. Whatever you do yourself, makes it so much better and makes it YOURS; your own unique Yautja among the species. There are no rules, IMO, as long as people immediately recognize The Predator. Great job!

I'm in Austin, BTW.
Made this bio mask with duct tape and a couple paper plates :) check out my YouTube channel for PREDATOR cosplay videos!! THE EVIL PUNISHER RLSV
Hello fellow noobs and HUNTERS, so I made another YouTube video on my bio mask the SAMURAI style bio mask, hope you guys check it out on my CHANNEL!! :)
There's gonna be a NEW trophy head, prop build video, on my YouTube channel this week!! :)

I used a plastic pickle jar, silver duct tape, red and black rope string, threaded rope, white acrylic paint, (2) red finger lights, and grocery bag with a round foam board.

It's the T-800 terminator head, which I've always wanted to build just didn't have the motivation to do it until now. Since becoming the TEXAS PREDATOR, I've challenged myself to collect prop heads on my trophy wall, LOL. I like making my props for fun and hope you HUNTERS enjoy the builds :)
In the beginning I started with a fairly easy looking plasma cannon shown in the picture on TOP. But after looking at other cannons done by other HUNTERS, I decided to upgrade my cannon to look a little more detailed. This is what I came up with..

I took two pictures showing both sides of my plasma caster, I added pieces of foam boards and hot glued them to the original. Then spray painted with a gold finish. It looks a lot BETTER then I expected and I'm thinking bout doing another one entirely different for switching my cannons.