Newcomer needs tips and general instructions for first build

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by Dachende, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Dachende

    Dachende Unblooded

    I am looking to get into predator costume making and I need a good start point
  2. afedorniak

    afedorniak Blooded

    this site is your best point of call everything you need is here, browse the pages and good luck!
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  3. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Welcome Dachende! As Afer has mentioned, the search finder is your friend ;)

    Or this thread here has always been a good thread to start :)

    Important Costume & Prop Links

    Good luck!
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  4. OldPredVA

    OldPredVA Blooded

    Welcome Dachende!
  5. Dachende

    Dachende Unblooded

    Glad to be here!
  6. Dachende

    Dachende Unblooded

    I saw that thread, but when I tried the links, they wouldn't work!
  7. PredDad

    PredDad Unblooded

    None of the links on that page work. Not sure what is broke, but I'm looking to do my first Predator build for my son and it would be great if they worked.
  8. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Those links are broke, apologies, didn't know they were when I linked the mega thread, but all those links titles are the titles of the thread names, which can be easily found once you put those titles in the search bar. So, I've listed down some of them with the correct links :)

    * A Noobs guide to making it A NOOBS GUIDE TO MAKING IT!

    * Full Complete P1 Tutorial My Full & Complete P1 Costume Tutorial - How To From Start To Finish

    * The Topknot Build (one of my fav threads here, 20 pages of pure awesomeness) The Topknot Build. New photos of torso life cast build. 05/07/2015

    * Pep Files (Updated by Wreav) UPDATED: Pepakura Files
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  9. PredDad

    PredDad Unblooded

    Thank you very much! Extremely helpful!

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