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    I am personally excited that Keegan Michael key is gonna be in the movie because I know he is a great actor. I sure as heck hope Ollie is just something to mess with the fans and I hope it's not a familyish based type of movie...
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    The designs for the new movie will vary significantly. They will streamline the gauntlet and helmet, etc. Guaranteed. You won't have this clunky sheet metal gauntlet like in the other movies. It's just like all movies now and remakes. They add so much detail to props and costumes now..... because they can.

    To a certain extent, it's a shame to go too far with things and veer away from the original look.
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    I agree with Mauler, it's most likely a Red Herring, or maybe, worst case, ‘Ollie’ is the moniker the oomans give the ‘Predator’ because, the soft ones can’t pronounce it’s real name. Like how we call Scar, Wolf, Broken Tusk, etc.. Which, isn’t real bad when you think about it. I’ll always watch Olivia Munn in anything, because, Olivia Munn. I’ve been a fan of Holbrook ever since Narcos, and I think he’ll bring a good amount of seriousness and cool as factor into it. Keegan will most likely be the comic relief, which is always good in a certain amount in any movie (not too much though). I don’t know how Curtis Jackson will fit into all of it, but kinda 50/50 on his casting. No pun intended. I actually like the idea of the autistic kid in the storyline (if it is indeed true), and it gives that kind of ‘Newt’ vibe in Aliens, which I’ve always loved.

    I’m really hopeful for this one, I mean, if Shane Blacks’ last 2 movies are any indication (heck, throw in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which also did pretty well in the critical response department), at the least, it’s gonna be one fun ride. I really enjoyed Nice Guys btw. And, I mean, he was part of the original Predator fellas, he’s not gonna let us down. I hope ;P
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    I'm worried that it will be hokey. Production companies haven't done a great job of depicting the Predators as the super badasses that they are supposed to be. Adding a comedy element to is might be okay if they handle it like Bill Paxton in Aliens. In the end, how hard can it be to make a film that just doesn't suck. Seems like a fairly simple formula.
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    Between Scar, Wolf, Berserker, Chopper, Celtic, Falconer, Jungle Hunter, etc. "Ollie" is just so non threating, and sort of boring to me.
    But really? You want to see that kid running around in between the mayhem (a predator is supposed to cause)? I mean newt was just scarred and a sole survivor due to her ability to stay hidden. The Aliens were impartial to her and would have used her as a host, whereas the predator would tend to spare children (unless things change?). So the stakes for the character seem pretty low, and I can't say I'm looking for some sort of "friendship" between the pred and humans. Just want to see a good hunt, new and old weapons, skulls and spinal columns being torn from dead bodies (and as a cherry on top the hunter makes it and leaves).
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    Is this Non-Threatening? XD

    LOL. Seriously though, I agree, the name doesn't sound threatening, guess we'll just have to see, right? Btw, the above artwork ain't mine, just googled 1 quickly. Pred above is by dementedink from Deviantart :)

    Agree to with your last sentence above bro :)
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    “Boyd Holbrook is Lieutenant Quinn McKenna (characters name might change), an elite soldier suffering from serious PTSD now working covert ops around the world. His team is trying to assassinate a drug lord in Cuba when the story begins.

    Jacob Tremblay is Rory McKenna. The estranged 12-year-old son of Quinn Mckenna who lives with his mother. He’s an autistic genius who gets bullied at school.

    Olivia Munn is Casey Brackett. She’s a science professor at Berkeley who’s an expert in Evolutionary biology. Basically the Amy Adams character from Arrival in the Predator universe.

    Sterling K. Brown is CIA Agent Traeger. He works for an off-the-book organization who’s known the Predator’s existence for a while. He captures Lt. McKenna and recruits to help investigate the situation.

    The story takes places 30 years after the events of the first and second movies. A predator spacecraft crashes in Cuba during covert ops run by Lt. McKenna. Before being captured by the CIA and Traeger, he sends part of the downed Predator armor by mail to his son Rory. After the supposedly “comatose” Predator is revived, a race for the missing tech brings all the characters together face-to-face with something much more nefarious… THE PREDATOR 2.0 A ten feet tall genetically enhanced and more advanced Predator who will crash the McKenna family reunion in suburbia.

    What else does Shane Black have in store for us? Predator dogs, a ragtag team of Army lunatics, and more weird space hybrids.”


    Stepping into a role once earmarked for Benicio Del Toro – issues with scheduling ultimately forced the Sicario star to pass up on Black’s franchise revival – here Holbrook teases the ways in which The Predator blends elements from a number of genres, not to mention how Black is cooking up “something totally new” in time for 2018.

    “I’m currently working on Predator. It’s not a sequel; Shane Black has made something totally new, somehow keeping within the realm of Predator [while also being] absolutely new in terms of the story that we’re talking about today, and rooted in something real. It’s real fresh. I don’t think you’re going to see [Arnold] Schwarzenegger. It would kind of make it a gimmick. It’s horror, science-fiction and a western.”

    If early reports hold true, Holbrook will take point as Special Forces commando Quinn McKenna, leading an ensemble cast comprised of Sterling K. Brown (Black Panther), Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, Thomas Jane and Room breakout Jacob Tremblay. What’s more, despite rumors to the contrary, it seems Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be swinging by for a cameo role after all.

    Now teetering on the verge of production, The Predator is on course to debut on February 9th in the States. Logan, meanwhile, is booked in for theatrical release on March 3rd.

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    I read that. I'm pretty sure the plot regarding the Predator is false as I feel Shane Black understands the fan base a little more regarding the Predators design and what kind of story we are looking for. Additionally they are running with the suburbia line which Black has denied.

    However should this be true :sick: *Barf*!

    BENSIN Hunter

    Holy Christ, this sounds like absolute dog sh*t. If this were actually true, it would be the second time the morons in Hollywood would surprise me by making a movie that is so bad, it's actually worse than its predecessor. Didn't think it could get any worse after the AvP films, but then we got that cancerous turd, Predators and now this?

    What the f*ck is this sh*t? Also, crashing the family reunion in suburbia? LOL Now I know this is all a hoax. If it's not, then I'm sure the only autistic people are whoever wrote this garbage thinking it would make for a good Predator film. By the way, if any one that put Predators together reads this, I want you to know that your movie and deformed predators were TRASH.
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  11. LunaticNic

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    well here's some of the cast "on set" ... and also perhaps I figured out why the Predators name is Ollie?

    predator set.JPG

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  12. Wreav

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    Where Jay Qwalen at? No A A RON? No Balake? No De Nice?
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    I read recently that Jake Busey is also going to be in the movie. In what context I don't know. Obviously I would assume he will be playing the son of Peter Keys (Gary Busey).

    I'm not thrilled with the kid being in the movie. It just adds an unnecessary element. I am keeping my fingers crossed that because Shane Black is handling it, it will keep more to the theme of the original Predator. Meaning that the Pred is actually a badass once again, and not some thing that Danny Glover can take out :)
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  14. Wreav

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    If anybody didn't know Ali, who played Mombasa in Predators won an Oscar :)
    That makes Predators the only film in the Predator franchise to feature two Oscar winners.

  15. LunaticNic

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    So three more people have joined the cast of "The Predator". As Derek said, Jake Busey is now a part of the cast, and the additional two are Augusto Aguilera , and Edward James Olmos. Any thoughts on these three in particular being cast since production started?
    Jake-Busey.jpg Augusto+Aguilera+BODY+ESPYs+Pre+Party+-l_0hbm-56Hl.jpg MV5BMjEzODQzODQ4OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDczMTkxNw@@._V1_UY317_CR13,0,214,317_AL_.jpg



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    Jake Busey..? Might there be an attempt to tie into Predator 2?
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    News on the movie out yesterday why Arnold turned down the script but more importantly not excited to see this;

    "And that these Predators will all be CGI/Motion Capture as opposed to Men in Suits, as we saw in the last few installments."

    Check out this story at MovieWeb:
    http:Schwarzenegger Didn't Like the New Predator Script
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    Damn ... heads will roll if that's the case ... I can double down behind the idea of using motioncapture for fights and other more speedy actions but these guys ALSO said it the plot takes place in suburbia which has been denied for a while now, not sure why they continue running with that, and even continue spinning the story with speculation that there is interest in using the pred for war ...
    Then again I doubt Studio ADI would have been hired if the Pred (s) were all CGI ...
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  19. Huntress

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    I messaged my friend in Vancouver who did pre-production design work on the film. He said there is Predators in costume suits as well as a larger cgi Predator. So all is not bad.
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    Still curious to see what's in store for ''The Predator would have an organically different look'' ??
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    Well Production on Predator: World of Tanks is being Wrapped up today. Now we wait until 2018 for promotions to start up ... not sure about 20th Century Fox's plan to continue destroying it's franchises with movies like this and "Alien": Fassbenders Covenant ....
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    Well said LunaticNic. Seeing pics with Preds riding armored vehicles with humans like they have 'Spring Break' time makes me nervous. So fearing the worse and hoping for the best. But I guess the 80's with movie plot focused around the Yautja and not around love, greenhouse effect, gluten free & commercial brand endorsements are long gone now I suppose. Long live the Predator & $$$
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    If anyone has any questions cencerning the script send me PMs.

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