Noob Predator here, 1st suit - cooling question.


Hi All,

I'm new to this group, just picked up my first jungle hunter predator this past weekend (from Wreav). Just doing some tweaks to it before I take some pics.

First question off the bat. Does anyone use cooling shirts? You know, the ones with all the tubes to run ice water through them?



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As far as i'm aware, a few members use military grade cooling vests underneath their suit. The kind that helps an individual keep relatively cool in really hot conditions for example - full latex cosplays/suits and furry suits.

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This is just one example of a military grade cooling vest but I am sure there are plenty others just like the ones with the tubes... You're not the only one considering using those cooling vest. As I'm aware a few military vets who cosplays both furries and hunters recommended this as it is what keeps them relatively cool for 3-4 hours at a convention.