Officially Licensed Suits!


Veteran Hunter
How can they be officially licensed when the Bio Helmet isn't even close in accuracy to the P1 Stunt that George has??! In one of the pictures, they have the neck ring over top of the bone necklace...nice try but that's just being lazy for a company supposedly producing the licensed product.


Young Blood
Not to mention the skinsuit's top/torso stops just above the elbow! You can see the black shirt all the way to the hands/gauntlets!


Elite Hunter
Actually, Jeremy is a friend of mine. He's a great guy. Ive personally seen the suit last month at Transworld. It is still in the prototype phase with a few tweaks to come, but overall its pretty cool. Ive seen more accurate stuff here, but that comes with the price tag as well. these will be moderately priced. It has a moving mandible system as well! some interesting things that they did ..the netting is sculpted in actually works pretty well. Here's the kicker to the whole story you know how easy it was to get the license? They just called Fox and asked ..thats right ..nobody had ever bothered to do that ...Rubies only has the low end ..nobody had the high end good for them


In comparison to other licensed suits I think it looks petty cool.. I know licensed suits are never that good looking but this one looks the best to date... Would like to see better pics of it ...



Huh well that makes things interesting now, I wonder how this will effect the ratio of Predators at cons and events now, or if they can be used as a base to making a custom suit.