OK, more of my craziness


When I get things into my head to do, I just jump right in and do them... only to realize I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing! LOL!! But it's been FUN! Quite a learning experience, and a really unique way to venture into things I never would have attempted without Predator in my life.

So, I got the idea in my head to make a baby Predator from scratch. This involved tackling sculpting, molding, and casting - first times for everything for me! I got to use my airbrush, which I am LOVING airbrushing. I am new to all of this, so it's a real adventure for me doing this kind of stuff. I also made baby sized seamless cold foam dreads for her. She has acrylic eyes. She is coming to Wizard World Chicago and Dragon*Con with me!!!!!

So, here is the baby, completed:




I'm making another one and it will be for sale in a few days, probably by the end of the week. If anyone else out there is crazy enough to want their very own little baby Preddy. (it's a boy!)

I also got it in my head to make "grown up" sized cold foam dreds - following the same methods I used for the baby sized ones.

Talk about getting in over my head! HOLY CRAP. Seamless Predator dreds... ridiculously hard to make. I've got 2 100% perfect ones as pictured and.... well... more destroyed ones than I care to admit with more wasted materials and ruined molds than I can deal with! LOL! But I am determined.... the hair making mad-scientist lab I have up and running is going to be on hold until after D*C, but I am going to try to continue with these. they're fun to make, but ridiculously difficult.

Another project I had on my work bench was to airbrush up this Pete Mander AVP Scar mask that I picked up. I painted & sold him. So much fun to paint! I just love airbrushing!!!


Really looking forward to the next mask I am able to get for painting. And in the mean time, I'm bringing another baby to completion now and have already begun painting him :)


Hey YautjaShai it's been fun watching your progress! Hey was wondering 2 questions first one is what brand and where do you buy your cold foam and second I need some quills don't know who makes em did the quills come with the mander mask or you bought em?


Thanks, Masters! LOL!

I have other crazy projects I'm working on, too - like trying to teach myself how to sculpt, mold, and cast dread beads (for the dreads I am still trying work on....). I've found the dread beads actually HARDER to make than the dreads themselves. LOL!! I had fun sculpting the beads, and I made the molds OK, but casting the resin and removing them from the molds was about as difficult as pulling teeth our with your finger nails. Not sure what I'm doing wrong there.

Anyway, hopefully I'll have my own dreads & beads produced sometime this winter.

My dread-making mad science project will be back up and running soon, with new molds, and new methods. It's Flexi-foam from Smooth On. I have been using Flexi-Foam-it X, and I know some posts I've read talked about using FF VI or VII, but I'll probably just stick with X as, like I said, I had fairly good success even when I screwed them up. They still came out 90% useable, which is more than I can say for my attempt at dread beads.

I'd rather stick with one type of foam before I try to mess with another version and confuse myself more. The number refers to the expansion of the foam, and FF X actually expands 6 times the volume (not 10, as you might think based on the name...) Where has FF VI expands.. you guessed it 10 times. Yes, really. LOL! Definitely read through the product info on Smooth-on's site, and I emailed SO with questions and they were super helpful.

As far as those black quills on the AVP mask, I bought them from Casey and they are awesome. I am definitely not going to attempt making quills. I have no idea what kinds of materials are used, or how to make them! ;)


Regarding your dread bead casting issue, unless the silicone you used to mold them is stiff, you should just be able to apply pressure to the bottom of the mold to pop out a cured bead ... should be as simple as that.