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  1. Blade3327

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  2. Americanel

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    My personal opinion, the old style predator ( first, second similar first colour and wolf ) are the best, the new it's too much bungled
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  3. monstermaker

    monstermaker Hunter

    Well these are the best pics yet!, start sculpting boys and girls, lol
  4. pred666pain666

    pred666pain666 Elite Hunter

    You have flusher and falconer mixed up...
    But I want a new predators suit!!!
  5. Blade3327

    Blade3327 Blooded

    Is Flusher the tusked one (Dog-Catcher)? Where's the mix-up? I'm guessing the arm shot, but it doesn't seem like it.
  6. pred666pain666

    pred666pain666 Elite Hunter

    watch the trailer. plow aka flusher stands up from behind the hounds
    Falconer is the tusked bio
    Or so thats what they printed on the neca preorder predators figures.
    Friend use to own a shop and ordered them for me
  7. Blade3327

    Blade3327 Blooded

    Those are actually mixed up, I think. According to Sabres, at least. Falconer is the bird-beak bio (for lack of a better term, lol). I'll add the other names to avoice confusion.
  8. sabres21768

    sabres21768 Blooded


    That scene is in the trailer is misleading.

    The tusked mask Pred is the dog handler.
    The "plow" masked Pred, as you call it, is the Falconer.

    The NECA blackout scans have it right.
    You get the Falconer (plow mask, you can tell because he has no plasma caster), the BSP and the classic Pred.

    The tusked mask Pred will be released later, probably with the dog.

    Actually, the easiest way to tell is by the tops of the helmets.
    They're a dead give away about which Pred is which.

    Classic, Falconer (notice no plasma caster), and BSP

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  9. Blade3327

    Blade3327 Blooded

    @Sabres: You mentioned on The Hive that you know the backstory to these new Preds, which justifies (sort of) why they look the way they do. What's the backstory? Briefly if possible, like what/who are they?
  10. TweiKarikna

    TweiKarikna Blooded

    WHAT THE F...


    God damn that red dragon pred is one bad ass looking mofo.

    Does anyone have any further insight after seeing these pics about the movies premise?

    Pred clan battles ahhh what fun.

    These main hunters weve seen more of than the classic pred you see a few pics of.
    Can anyone say Bad Bloods?
  11. sabres21768

    sabres21768 Blooded

    This was quoted from a German movie magazine in an interview with Antal and Nicotero:

    "Antal and Rodriguez say that new Predators are a sub-species that have been banned from the regular ones and that they are living on the hunting preserve. They are like the "Hells Angels" of the Predators and they are so evil and sadistic that even the average Predator doesn't want to mess with them."
  12. ONEYE

    ONEYE Blooded

    Damn, that sounds like "The Hive" members. :lol: :D
  13. sabres21768

    sabres21768 Blooded

    So true.
  14. swift kinfe

    swift kinfe Blooded

    I dont know what it is but the BSP looks like it came out of powerrangers?But if played right he might not end up like AVP were it is.Just keep your helmet on.To me BSP kinda llooks like he cut his head open But overall he's differnt and the more I see it the more I like it.
  15. ONEYE

    ONEYE Blooded

    These pictures just kills me. Hemorrhoids! Stepped on a nail. No offense, Down's Syndrome Predator?

    xXLEELANDXx Blooded

    anyone else hate what mr. black looks like? or is that everyone lol that almost makes me not want to see it
  17. sabres21768

    sabres21768 Blooded

    Nope, I'm really digging the new look.

    It serves it's purpose, and looks it should.
  18. Mr Fett

    Mr Fett Elite Hunter

    Oh wow. After seeing these pics, I absolutely hate the look of the new head. :D

    It is interesting how they painted his skins much more like a reptile, but the head is just not Predator to me. Why keep the classic Pred heads we're used to but then go completely in a different direction within the same movie with a totally different style of head? I hate it, personally.
  19. Blade3327

    Blade3327 Blooded

    It might grow on you... the profile pictures look nice enough. But a crown would totally help here. We'll just have to wait.

    On a minor side note, the repeated quoting of these ginourmous pics isn't really necessary. Just saying, they occupy enough space to push future comments back a page or so. If a pic is quoted once per page, it's fine, but quoting two big pictures three times on the same page is a little much.
  20. Pred Haster

    Pred Haster Blooded

    I love the design of the new armors.
    In particular, I like the new gauntlets and legs armor. :D
    Mr Black's bio is cool but the Falconer's one is too big.
  21. Nagash

    Nagash Blooded

    I agree. I really want to like the new look, but hate it.
    I never had a problem with changing the design, but this is to much, and saying its a sub species is just a bad excuse.
    My biggest problem is that you dont get the predator feeling because they are so different looking, to much narin to me.
    The head looks like a brain, I really really hate it. give it a crown, change the f...... eyes and flat out the forehead.
    dont like any of the bios.
    The armour looks ok.
    Still miss the netting.
    The feet still looks to big on the pictures.
    where is the large backpack that we all love?
    They said the predators would look much bigger in the movie, but when looking at the screen shoots, they look WAY to small.
    I really want to be positive, but just hate the new face so damn much.
  22. jman30236

    jman30236 Blooded

    i am really disappointed in the new face design. i think the lighting is whats ruining it for me. it will be darker on screen, idk im still gonna make it
  23. panik33

    panik33 Blooded

    i love all the new bios i cant w8 to get a plow bio its deffo my favorite and the new preds
    dunno about mr black tho i think its just the images i think maby when we see him moving about on screen it wont look so bad but im warming to it
  24. afedorniak

    afedorniak Blooded

    :lol: ive just got to say i love it!!!!!!!! :D roll on july
  25. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    Well its definitely DIFFERENT! I got mixed feelings about the Bios there's 2 I really like the rest is so so.
    Its not a totally f-ed up design as I thought the armor still capture the alien like armor feeling. We'll see how it all holds up on screen.
    To date I still prefer the AVP and Wolf style armor as still sticking to the Predator aesthetic.

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