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  1. Blasturbator

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    I kinda noticed that Mr B has different cannons 0o
  2. Yeah i thought so, thanks Jason :)
  3. grim hammer

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    hey guys! first of all thank you for these HIRES references... when my kid saw the pics, her jaws dropped! :) we both totally agreed that it would be her next costume...

    ok, enough about us! now for me, the new breed of predators are great, lesser armor means more movability and more speed in character, compared to the P1, P2 AVP1 and AVP2, the new predators look more menacing. with the jaw bone, the tusk and the falconer... totally wicked! everything is cool... except the head. it looked like it had the worst face lift ever because they took the eyebrows part away and it looked like the brain is exposed... :( ;) but i like the pattern on it's head, it's like a flame or a tribal design that is branded on the head. ;)

    but still can't wait to see it on the big screen!

    weapons please! thanks again and more power!
  4. kurtweinreich

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    Nice pictures.

    The new face looks like the creature from "The Relic" to me. They didn't explain that well, and now all future movies will have to have it.

    The helmets also have bubble lenses instaed of flat ones. Too me, that leave out the nystique of the Predators and looks too much like black eyes.

    Like others have already said, a little too far off the mark for me.

    REYALS Elite Hunter

    To tell the truth... I believe the creature designers took a little inspiration from good ol' NARIN's Death Warrior sculpt.


    I do like how they went back to having the 2 fang mouth instead of the AVP mouth full of fangs though. ...and yes, I know that the top image is SSC's, but you get the idea.
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  6. Kid FxMaster

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    Damn these are the best pictures i seen yet google aint got nothing love them thnx for the thread :eek: gotta great pictures to finish my berserker and falconer
  7. Darth Pinhead

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    I'm new here, so a quick HELLO! Ok, now that that's over with...

    Gonna have to side with the, "it's ok to change up the faces" arguement. If all the predator's looked the same, I think the debate would switch to, "Oh, the producers just got cheap and didn't want to have to come up with anything new!" Actually, that arguement has already surfaced in this thread, regarding the bodies. I prefer that the different Predators have unique characteristics that are the physical visualizations of their personalities. Further, I would be EXTREMELY ticked off if they were all the same with even minor deviations. Could you imagine if every actor had Adrien Brody's nose or Fishburn's double chin?! To me, it's like arguing that all trees should branch in exactly the same maner, or that all wolves should be the same color and have the same eye color, or all bengal tigers have identical stripe patterns. Honestly, the one thing that did stick out for me in the theater was how MUCH the new dog creatures all looked the same; they just looked copy pasted, which comes across as cheap to me.

    As for the armor, I am reminded of my studies of the native americans, when I was in the Boy Scouts. The ceremonial dress for two, three, twelve, people may be similar and have similar or even certain matching characteristics, but the point was to convey your personality, beliefs, etc., through your original pieces. With that, I don't have a problem with the tusks, nor with any similarities. What I have problems with are repeated skins tones, patterns, and muscle striations and deliniations; those should be unique.
  8. berserk wolf

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    these are great pics! can someone tell me what is that thing that Berserker's holding before he decapitates Classic? Feel bad for the lil guys lol everyone who saw the film when i went was "Go ! Classic! Go Cla- aw man! WTf?!?!?!??
  9. berserk wolf

    berserk wolf Hunter

    i know! i looked like the barrel rotates like a chain gun! o_O
  10. panik33

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    can anyone else see the mesh at the top of his mouth if u zoom in you can see it clearly
    looks like its for breathing dunno if anyone has noticed it yet
  11. th3 pr3dat0r

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    I've been like, is that mesh? ever since i saw these pictures at first. i thought it was just me but now i know im not alone.
  12. Wow! Those shots really make you appreciate the work that goes into the individual Preds. I'm still not digging the Berserker face too much but the rest of the character is growing on me. Even that goofy lookin jawbone bio.
  13. Darth Pinhead

    Darth Pinhead Hunter

    I finally saw the mesh! I feel like George on Seinfeld in Episode 92: The Gymnast, when he finally sees the image in the 3D painting (And then promptly walks out, forgetting to put his shirt back on)...
  14. That sir, is his bio mask. He takes it off in the movie and roars in his face before he kills him.
  15. I did a few posts away
  16. berserk wolf

    berserk wolf Hunter

    OH YEAH. I guess he was just holding it showing the inside of it. cuz i can't see ny of the front view details lol
  17. moki34

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    Has anyone figured out what Falconers mechanical falcon actually looks like? Thinking about fabricating a prototype but need pics for refferences...any ideas???
  18. 3jack

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    Not sure if this would be the right place to ask but thought it would save making a new topic and cluttering up the main board. Not sure if its been asked before but I couldn't see it if it has.

    Does anyone know why the falconer doesn't have a cannon? Just seems odd that he's got the tri lasers but no cannon and seeing as the beserker and falconer are the same suit it doesn't really make sense.
  19. DarkFlamePredator

    DarkFlamePredator Unblooded

    Anyone else notice the Predator mandibles hanging from Flusher's neckpiece?
  20. PredatrHuntr

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  21. Studiodude

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    love the pics, i'm gonna use them to try and eventually create a latex mask
  22. worthy one

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    In my opinion AVP style armor is best and most pretective

    in my opinion
  23. Dracon

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    Like this shot the most. Like he's saying "Who's next?"
  24. Doppse

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    I love the design of the new armors.
    In particular, I like the new gauntlets and legs armor. ;)
  25. PredatorX98

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    In one of the falconer pictures, the one that looks really, well clean, is that the guys face i can see through his bio lens? im so confused... Because it sure does look like it...

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