Oni / Buhal'ra (Southeast Asian / Pacific) Yautja

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by Isubomo, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Isubomo

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    LOL! I just came home from Canada a few days ago, and I was scrolling through my 1022 unread emails (wasn't on roaming and I seldom 'settle down for the night' during the whole trip ;P) and first thing I see is this reply, hahahaha :D

    I'll look into it later, but missed all of you guys (and gals of course!)

    Nic, just haven't posted the last thing I did (literally a few hours before my flight) yet.. ;P
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  2. Isubomo

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    Hola again! :D

    This was something I felt I had to do before I left for canada, didn't bother to do it cleanly, as my goal was to see if the biomask I was sculpting would fit over the face as I had only eyeballed it when I created the base. Just wanted a makeshift/Physical piece I could hold and measure against the face, before I do all the finer details. It’s close, but still needs a lot of work, lol.
    06July2016-progress-a.jpg 06July2016-progress-b.jpg
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  3. Isubomo

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    14Aug2016-progress-a.jpg 14Aug2016-progress-b.jpg
    Actually hit 80 2 weeks ago, but wasn't able to post..Just busy finishing my online portfolio so I can start sending it out and applying to special make-up and effects studios..Been doing graphics for 18 years, I want to do what I love as a job now.. ;) Anywho, saving up to get myself a proper airbrush, so I can start painting up the head...

    Something just sort of worries me.. see above pic, I think I made the dread eruptions too close to each other...It's gonna be tight... >.<

    well, atleast Isu's 'hair' will be puffy and full of body..LOL
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  4. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Nice work on the dreads :D
    I'm interested to see how you will handle putting some in an overhead knot. But Isubomo certainly will have a head of hair/dreads XD Behemoth only has 64 slots for dreads.
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  5. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Cheers Nic! :D

    Yeah, you and me both, lol XD Well, original plan was top knot everything, but that might not happen now, I'll be happy if I get atleast a dozen up, lol
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  6. M77

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    When you go for a job interview you should go in full pred suit, that's sure to make an impression! :)

    Have you allready got a specific airbrush in mind? I bought a good set a few years back (harder & steenbeck evolution and Eurotec 20a compressor) and it's been a great investement. Before, I had a cheap set, but because of all the hassle it gave me, it was a big hurdle to actually get it out and use it frequently. Because I don't really like all the clean up (or maybe I'm just lazy) I also invested in an ultrasonic cleaner, which is super easy.

    I'm so curious to see your mask with dreads and teeth and eventually painted up, it looks so cool already!
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  7. Isubomo

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    Hey M! LOL, I'd love to, to be perfectly honest, but I don't think my pred suit will be done by then, haha! But maybe I can use my Saesee Tiin Costume ;P

    Sadly, I know next to nothing about airbrushes :( But hey, now that you're here, maybe I could PM/show ya some of the airbrushes that can be bought here in NZ...and let me know what's good or not. Would that be alright? :D
  8. M77

    M77 Hunter

    Sure, no problem, hope I can help!
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  9. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Woohoo! PM Sent :D Talk to you soon! :)
  10. Mbzradeloip

    Mbzradeloip Blooded

    Such a KILLER design, especially the face itself. Can't wait to see this all finished up.
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  11. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Cheers Mbz! :D Appreciate the warm comment!

    Yeah, me most of all, lol. Just going through some things in life, but will get back to it in full swing soon! But been dabbling with littel bits and pieces here and there at the mo :)
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  12. Isubomo

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    Happy NEW YEAR everyone!!! :D

    Hope everyone is doing fine, I know I haven't been on for quite some time, my sincerest apologies, but as I've told Nic and Wreav, something came up and I sort of hit a life bump...and I couldn't focus on some aspects in my life and unfortunately, this was one of them...still at my shitty ol' job with shitty ol' pay, and with my daughter having swimming classes, plus gymnastics and music lessons, and my boy doing daycare, financially, my 'Pred project' is at the lowest priority. Still hanging on and waiting for that one magic phone call!

    Well, enough drama, story time! Something wonderful happened just a few weeks back. One of my mentors here in NZ (and fast becoming a great friend) that I've had the good fortune of getting to know when I started this project asked for my help as he knew graphics design was one of my fortes. He asked me if I could do a rebranding of one of his special make-up kits that he sells. I was more than happy to do it for free in exchange for all the advise and guidance he's shared with me throughout the project, but he wouldn't allow me to. So he gave me a really nice offer. I do the rebranding, and he gives me a 1kg 75D polyurethane casting resin (from his shop), some home made oil clay and his old airbrush kit. Mind.blown. Was literally in tears of gratefulness, life shuts a door, but opens a window!!!

    He's just shipped it out today, so hopefully it'll be here by the weeks end! Can't wait! XD

    Thanks everyone, shout out especially to Nic, you crazy boy, for keeping in touch and making sure I wasn't dead or have lost my way. Hope I can catch up ;P

    I don't think I've posted this up yet, not as flash as Wreavs of course..but..Quills!

    Hot dang, SUGRU is the sh*t. If you don't know about it yet, google it. So easy and fun to use, and when they dry up, you can bend those quills like Beckham and they'll retain their form no matter what. Thanks Wreav! Not sure if that's enough for the head, but that's just from 1 pack, still have 3 more packs! Also got more Chavant...;D

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  13. M77

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    Hey dude! Good to see you back again, was recently wondering how your airbrush plans were coming along. Hope 2017 will move you far past those bumps!

    I haven't been around much myself, recently moved, so that's kept me busy and away from any model building. Will be starting something new soon, hopefully.

    Does your air brush kit include a compressor? If not, PM me your address, I have a simple old hobby compressor I came across while moving that I'll send you, if you can use it. I want to see that kick ass mask in full colour! :)
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  14. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Super Glad to see you back bro! Can't wait to see this project rolling again!

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  15. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Glad to be back Nic! Cheers M, I hope so too!!! :D

    I believe it's one of those fairly cheap ones, that comes with a built in compressor, much like the $90 ones that i showed ya before. And being a beginner, and being free, I'm more than happy just to be given one :D

    That's too kind bro, if it doesn't come with one, I'll definitely let you know, I'm really grateful bro, thanks!

    At the moment, I'm still sanding down the inner resin in the head, it's just so tight in there I'm afraid that when it's complete it's gonna put so much pressure on some parts of my head. I don't wanna rush it only to regret it once everything is complete and realise I couldn't wear it for more than a few minutes. I kept it on for a record of 15mins before Christmas and felt I could do heaps more, but had to take it off, because I needed to do some housework, LOL
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  16. Isubomo

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    Oh yeah, with the polyurethane resin coming, I wanted to ask you guys on how best to cast those mandibles..see, on page 5, I made a cast from epoxy resin a few months back and wasn't really too happy about it. I know some people use latex for the mandibles and resin for the tusks, but if I wanted to cast them as 1, and with polyurethane resin, should I make a 2 part mould, split in the middle and the mandibles+tusks lying on its side? Open to suggestions all, thanks so much! :D

    Need to retouch those as they already came out of a silicone mould, but mandibles are chavant and tusks are baked fimo clay. Cheers!
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  17. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Yeah, that's how I molded Behemoths mabdibles.
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  18. Isubomo

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    So, wait, nic, do I pour a little bit first, then wait a few mins, then put the mandible..or put the mandible, then pour till it gets to about half of the mandible? Wouldn't the underside peak out a little, since it's lying on the side?
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  19. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Pour it over the mandible. I'm not sure what you mean by "the underside peaking out since it's laying on its side". You should have half the mandible submerged in (WED) clay, while the other half is that is above the clay gets molded.

    Essentially just make the mold the same way as these guys, just that yours is a mandible(s).
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  20. Dillonusob

    Dillonusob Blooded

    Awesome designs!!! Cant wait to see this a reality!
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  21. Isubomo

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    Cheers Dillon ;D

    Nic, how did I not think of that?! So familiar to me yet so alien... ugh, thanks for the link Nic!!! (y)(y)(y)
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  22. LunaticNic

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  23. MAULER666

    MAULER666 Unblooded

    What a great uplifting read! Glad things are falling into place with you man and even though I don't come on here enough it still blows my mind the stuff you guys create, all the best for 2017 to one and all\m/
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  24. Isubomo

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    Cheers Butch! :) Thanks for the warm wishes bro, hope you have a great 2017 too!
  25. LunaticNic

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    Did your care package arrive yet? And if so any progress? :D

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