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  1. Isubomo

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    Just an update! :) Was able to have some time over the weekend to finally cast the Bio! Was happy enough with the sculpt, so I got the Silicone out of the storage (last used it for the dread moulds, August of last year) and I realised 2 things immediately. 1) Apparently, I forgot it had expiry, which was Oct 2016. 2) I felt there wasn’t enough left to make a solid, proper mould. If I was in a more comfortable situation financially, I’d have just chucked it out and most likely got something better for this..but since it was the opposite, F it, and used it. Now, I didn’t post the mould pics, as it looked really bad, and to be honest, didn’t think it would come out okay. The silicone did look alright, but I think due to it being ‘expired’, it didn’t mix properly and I felt that some parts hardened fast, and some other didn’t dry at all, even after 24 hours..So I had to ‘spray’ the ‘hardener/part b’ on some of those, which, unexpectedly, worked. Anyway, wrapping up..Really feel the Mould gods have blessed me again! Sure, lots of air bubbles there, and it’s not a perfect cast, as the cheek horn on the left wasn’t casted properly, and there are a lot more pock marks, but I’ll just use it as some sort of worn, weathered effect. :D And it fits! :D
    26Feb2017-progress_a.jpg 26Feb2017-progress_b.jpg

    *didn’t wear my hardy gloves when I was prying off the 3 pieces as I I wasn’t getting enough ‘grip', and due to the support resin mould being really really shitty, cut myself a couple of times and one really deep one on my left index, lol. Blood payment ;P

    Cheers All! :D
  2. Jmen

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    Bloody mask :D
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  3. LunaticNic

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    Blood for the Mold Gods!

    The bio came out amazing great!!
  4. Isubomo

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    Thanks Jmen and Nic!!! :D Did a little bit of dremel-ing yesterday, and was able to really fit the mask on the head properly. I have a better idea on how good the fit is once I cut out the eyes, it's actually a bit more asymmetrical than what the pics show, but you can only really tell if you're looking at it from the bottom. But due to my height, I don't think a lot of people will notice, and I guess it's better to be asymmetrical, but fits perfectly to your face, or symmetrical but don't fit well at all. I blame my own head for being asymmetrical. LOL
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  5. Congratulations! Your cast looks good.

    Speaking of blood: (Painted) red blood on a silver surface is always nice.


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  6. Pock marks and dents on a bio tell a story and are good addition.

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  7. On this bull bio based on Steve Wang’s concept you see a different targeting-device.

    It’s not the typical tri-laser. Would be cool to see the symbol from your concept-art embedded on your bio.


  8. A bronze/cooper paint with a heavy oxidation like on Rob’s P2 bio is my recommendation for the paint-job.

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  9. Isubomo

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    WOW!!! Thanks Okami!!! Most excellent suggestions man!!! :D

    I do love the silver with the blood splatter, and the one with heavy oxidation as well..thank you!!!
  10. I like the leg-bandages on your 1/6 figure.
    Worn jute bandages would also look cool on your 1/1 build.


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  11. Isubomo

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    As always, I appreciate all your ideas Okami! Glad you like my earlier sculpt. Thanks! :D

    On the same note, if I haven’t said it enough, I just want to thank all those who’ve been a tremendous help so far..You know who you are! ;)

    Couldn’t have gotten to where I am at the moment with the project without all your inputs/advices! Most recently, one of these is M77, who, upon just knowing that I was trying to save up for a compressor (and having a really hard time at it), sent this gift!

    Can’t thank you enough bro, and I hope to do, nay, will do something similar when the time comes…Now I really need to do the paint job on the head! ;P lol

    Will definitely do that, soon as I finish making the dummy base for the leg sculpts though :D
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  12. Jmen

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    OOh, those legs :D:D:D
  13. Isubomo

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    Lol :D:D:D

    I know, I've got thick thighs, and really skinny ankles...
  14. MAULER666

    MAULER666 Unblooded

    Priscilla Queen of the Desert would be proud of those man!
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  15. MAULER666

    MAULER666 Unblooded

    Documenting the whole process is wicked man thanks for doing this, watching something awesome unfold I love it!
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  16. Not a Balisong, but I think this kind of blade would look good on your predator.

    ADI blade.jpg
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  17. Isubomo

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    LOL, Thanks Bro! I lotion 'em too..LOL, jokes! But seriously, thanks for the support man!!!
  18. Isubomo

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    Okami, that looks mean as!!! :D (y)(y)(y)
  19. Isubomo

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    Feet! :D 1.5 hours in..long way to go of course...wanted to make a 'bare' feet at the start, and put the armour on later using resin, sort of like strapping it on, so I can use these feet for other builds, but seeing that it's as thick as it is (Alphatech's feet were bloody brilliant, but I didn't want mine to be humongous) I might have to sculpt the armour in, so the feet itself won't look bloated...I've got the clay in some parts only less than 1mm thick..

    Cheers all!
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  20. Try to keep the feet-armor simple.


    feet 2.jpg

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  21. Howabout using the runes from Danny boys necklace from P2.
    They would look good as tattoo and also tying somehow on the movie.




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  22. M77

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    Cool to see your progress dude! Somehow, I've missed a whole load of your latest progress reports, been a bit preoccupied with work stuff lately.
    Love the Dancing Queen Disco boots :D and those Bio castings look pretty good! (And a good project to start honing your air brush skills!)
    Okami is sharing a wealth of ideas here! I like the leg bandages, might work well with your non-tech design, and solve the problem of 'bulkiness' of the feet.
    Did you already tackle the issue for the wrist blades to pop out without using tech?
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  23. Isubomo

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    Hey Fellas! Sorry wasn't able to log in for a couple of days..got busy with our Winter Catalogue and had to do some bit of overtime...anyway, that's done, so back to work! ;P

    about 95% happy with it, just need a little bit more clean-up..the 'sculpted-in armour' did really help heaps in making it way less bloated, and though it's still looks a bit huge, I took a peek at most of Narin's Pred feet and they actually are close proportionately. I mean, to be honest, the one of the things I agree with Master Jeff (Alphatech) is that the jungle/city predators had feet too small for their heads. I don't want to sound blasphemous, but I actually prefer Narin's proportions of his predators. ;P

    Constructive feedback most appreciated! ;D

    Okami and M77, as usual, your warm words and your ideas are always, always, always welcomed! Rgarding the tattoos Okami, those geometrical patterns are pretty similiar to Pacific/Philippine tribal tattoos, so will definitely incorporate a danny boy there ;)
    Some of my 'modern' fellow tribe warriors, and he's holding a Kalinga Head hunting Axe which will be Isubomo's main weapon and he will have 2. :)

    M77, Yes, I have. sort of, lol. I haven't posted a diagram for it, but my wrist blade will technically be a forearm length Balisong, and It will 'flip' instead of popping out :D Once I've got the feet sorted, I'll post a proper diagram and it will probably be the next thing I do for this project, and I know I said no tech, but I don't consider a swivel joint tech, but rather a machine, like a pulley, you know? And those things have been around for thousands of years :D

    Cheers all! :D
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  24. M77

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    It would be perfectly compatible with your non tech approach; techniques with springs and such have been used for hunting traps and weapons for ages. Curious to see how you'll be doing that.

    Also great job on the feet, those look mean! Cool to see all the progress since your update two weeks ago.

    I had a thought about the back of the foot, where the nail on the backside protrudes; the surface area of that part of the armour is quite large and you could consider detailing it by adding something around the nail, like a circular pattern. Narin does something similar sometimes, like on the alternative hunter. Just a thought. Keep those updates coming! :)

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  25. I also like spikey calves.


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