Opinions please


Hello Everyone, this is my first real post. Been on for a bit, but just been reading and taking it all in.
Absolutely a great site, great folks, and great resources!
So, I have a couple ideas I am wanting some opinions on, so hope everyone will let me know what they think.

I have a Big Red suit, and am wanting to do a few little things to customize it. Obviously there is not a lot of info/history on Big Red. However, one of the things that we all know is that he encountered Batman.
-So, one of the things I want to do is, similar to the Elder in P2 that had the 1700s flint lock pistol(that he gives to Danny Glover), I want to have a Batarang hanging on my belt. I was going to go real dark and buy a Batman cowl and do up a severed head in it, but thought that might be a bit much. :devil:
-Also, been thinking about adding a cannon. I know he did not have one on in BDE, but doesn't mean he does use one sometimes. I like the low profile cannon like the one Berserker uses. Just thinking about it.
-The other stuff is typical... bone necklace, LEDs for the gauntlet, and some mini speakers for sound effects.
All for now, I am sure I will come up with more later!

Thanks in advance for any input.


Sounds like an awesome route! However I like the head idea over the batarang, unless you get a batman cowl and simply get some fake blood, and add it too the cowel, possibly get some on the batarang, just think it would get the point across better that way :)


Thanks Lunatic. Glad to hear from someone!
Agree on the cowl/head getting the point across better. Just figuring out the best way to set it up, gonna be fun though!