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Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by woodstock8998, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. woodstock8998

    woodstock8998 Unblooded

    Hi all fellow preds ,

    was just thinking and looking around at the costumes from behined the film footage of the original predator film and got into a debate with my self...

    I wonder if anyone has any info on how it was attached to the suit, was it glued? magnets? I've seen in a couple of places the piece there seems to be a car belt-like strap with a clip attached .
    And wondered if it was attached this way .

    not after best wat TO atach one just the exact way thay did it in origenal film ..

    any help would be grate thanks all and happy hunting
  2. DerekJR321

    DerekJR321 Unblooded

    I know that in Requiem they used zip ties and small screws.
  3. woodstock8998

    woodstock8998 Unblooded

    Hi thanx man .. yere i know about the later one .. i spoke to steven wang himself and he says thay sued car seat belt and bag clips pulled throw the sute ..

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