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I'm genuinely curious here, out out the many, many people on this delightful site, who has decided to create their own unique Yautja, rather than build based on one of the Hunters from the Predator Universe?

I'd be delighted, if any one of you would be happy to share some information about your Hunter, and maybe add a little insight into how and why you created them.


Young Blood
If it counts, I'm creating a Predator world Survivor.

Much like Roland, Isabelle, and Royce, my char has managed to live through more than a single hunt and has begun to gather the things he needs to survive until he can return home. Since there aren't any PX's there, he scavenged what could find off the dead: both human and Predator alike.

How: I started with distressing a US Army ACU and adding mines, disc holder, spear, and bio.

Why: I currently can't afford to go all out and make a skin suit, etc... so I've started with smaller bits I can later add as I am able to make a full Predator costume.
I'm working on my own personal yautja, I'm more of a primitive PREDATOR perhaps the first hunter ever known to man kind. Skull collecting, and trophy kills is all I wanna be known for. My skin is mossy brown and forest green with black stripes. The armor I wear is light in weight made from GOLD copper material from my home planet Yautja Prime. I carry the SKULLS of my prey one's I have hunted and some I have eaten. My name is THE TEXAS PREDATOR.