P-1 Predator Black And White Pictures


Young Blood
I recently acquired my first custom p-1 bio .  I wanted a cool display picture to put next to the helmet . Does anyone remember seeing the 8x10 picture of the p-1 in the movie is was basically a head shot of him it looked really cool . I had seen them in b&w and color but can't seem to locate it anymore . 

It looked like it might have been a still from the press kit but the ones from the kit seem not to show him  in any photos . 
there was two a full body shot then a close up shot of the same image just tighter on the upper torso . It cold have been a behind the scenes picture when he was taking shots for the production before shooting certain scenes or publicity .

If you have any idea let me know . 


I have no idea what the pic is you're looking for, but you may find it in the Predator gallery.  There's lots of reference and behind the scene's pics there.