P1 Cannon and/or armour foamies templates please


Hi all,
Sorry i've looked everywhere and cant see the foamies tutorial for the predator 1 cannon, i'm sure i saw it somewhere.
Also, if there is one for the predator 1 armour aswell, i would be eternally grateful!

Thank you.


Okay thanks guys.
Any ideas where i may be able to find reference pics for the armour and cannon for sizes, etc?


One way you can get accurate reference pictures is to screen-grab from the actual film.(in DVD form)
Pick yourself up a free online copy of Screenhunter 5.0 screen capture program.
Play the heck out of your DVD on your computer and start collecting pictures.

There are also a ton of pictures here on the forum. Ya just gotta dig for 'em sometimes!!

The P1 cannon is approximately 9" long.

You can also look here:


Hope this info gets ya going in the right direction!