P1 Hammernuts hands

Finished painting these hands for my suit that will be done someday.
Dan (Hammernuts) did a great job sculpting and casting these hands, awesome detail, and fun to paint.


Gene, your paintjob looks amazing. The detail is wonderfull! I have yet to get to paint a pair of my own hands. None the less, i think you showed me up! I am so happy you like the hands, it was a pleasure making them for you. All the best!



dan did you sculpt them over a lifecast of your hands? how large a hand will they fit? do you have any pics of the sculpt in progress thats allways cool to see the works of art in progress. fantastic paint job gene very professional.
Thanks for the kind comments, it means alot. Until a year or so ago the only thing I ever painted was a house, most of the help I recieved from people here on the Lair, especially Scott


I have to say those are some of the best painted hands ive seen..and i agree that perma wet look makes them look even better! Great stuff dude
wow do u sell some gloves????????????????????????????????? ur gloves look like the original movie gloves and urs look better then in the movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!