P1 Stunt Bio-Helmet Cleanup


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Thanks Art! It was fun to work on that with you. I'm super glad that you're happy with it. You take awesome photos too...really nice.

Art Andrews

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I am VERY VERY happy with it... Now I need to figure out the laser assembly and the lenses and we will be done!


Look screen acurate very nice man, very nice. The amount of work you put in this shows. Impressive...

Art Andrews

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Wow... hard to believe it was almost 8 years ago that I worked on a P1 helmet! How time flies. I was lucky enough to get another of George's castings (although the mold was in pretty rough shape by then. One of my biggest concerns has been the laser housing. I feel like it is not the same from helmet to helmet, which would make sense as it was added after the fact. I have seen many iterations of it, but never felt very confident in doing it myself. However, I lucked up and got in contact with someone who owns one of the original laser clusters used in P1. They let me borrow it and I molded a mesh housing roughly around it to get the shape I wanted. I then refined the shape a bit and have laid the first layer of fiberglass. Once that is done, I'll do a beauty-coat in bondo and glazing. Still a lot of work to go, but at the very least, I am finally starting!

Predator P1 Laser Housing.JPG

Predator P1 Laser Housing 1.JPG

Predator P1 Laser Housing 2.JPG

Predator P1 Laser Housing 3.JPG
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Art Andrews

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Fiberglass is set... Probably went a bit overboard with the resin, but wanted everything perfectly in place. Now to start cleanup and sculpting on top of the wire mesh to get the final look. I am super happy with how strong this piece is!


Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. I was lucky enough to get a stunt bio on one of the last runs George did. I painted it up but can't bring myself to do the laser housing. I have the lasers and everything.