P2 Closed Mouth Build. Raw Latex 1St Pull P24 24/11/11


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Well i have the urge to sculpt again, And as i have had a few pm's asking if i will be doing another "journey" thread, i thought i would post a thread prior to me starting, due to the reasons below.

i KNOW some people get pissed off with slow updates ( but i only get a couple of hours a week to sculpt if i am lucky, and i work with chavant which alot slower to work with due to it being hard even in the soft variety :( )
But others like to see things taking shape from scratch.

so should i do a picture dump like i did with my new P1 , which cut out alot of the changes. or should i do a journey showing how it changes and takes shape like my P2 and wolf threads?

I have put up a poll, to run until next weekend when i hope to start, feel free to post if you hate one way or another, i will not be offended, or just vote if you have a opinion.

Either way i hope that someone sees what i do and tries it themselves, as that is what i am trying to promote, More people trying sculpting.

The journey threads, IMHO, are great for a couple of reasons. Foremost, we can see all the issues you have gone through and hopefully don't make the same mistakes. You don't get that with a final picture dump. Why reinvent the wheel and make the same mistakes that we could simply avoid or go through the same frustrations of trying to find solutions, when we have you to screw it up for us (LOL :) )? May as well add to the ongoing body of knowledge of what does and does not work. I think, we as a group all benefit by sharing our, "hey, I tried this and you know what, it SUCKED!" Secondly, I find them to be not only entertaining to read, but it's cool to be able to maybe provide some insight or point out something that maybe, because you are so engrossed in the project, you overlook. I have read examples of such instances a number of times on these threads and personally have had it happen on a number of professional projects. A second set of eyes can be a good thing.

At any rate, I'm stoked as hell for another one of your Journey Threads!


I say journey, I am in the process of finishing my first bio sculpt, I wouldn't have tried it without the journeys posted on here.


prefer journey. The anticipation is the best, whether it be day to day or more, its better to see it that way. Kind of like keeping one on edge til the next images


definitley journey, that way a newbie like me can see what a master can do from scratch.lol and maybe someday be able to make my own=)


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Journey man. It's all about the progress and presentation of the development stages bro.

I encourage you to take it slow so as to not make any vital mistakes man. :)


journey because i like being able to check back to a thread to see whats happening instead if it all being done already


I say journey as well. I really like seeing how you're P2 and Wolf sculpts progressed through each stage. It's great to watch it transform as well as it lends some tips on "how to" as well.

A closed mouth Predator 2....should be interesting.


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Chris, as i said, i will leave this run until next friday as i am in work until then so will not have time until then. :)

assuming a journey is wanted, i will try and show all my mistakes, tools and what i use where, as i am going along.
journey,because its more interesting seeing how the sculpt changes AND we can comment if we think something looks wrong or you could improve on something...but im sure that wont be the case with your five star sculpting skills!
good luck!


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Bah, I am NO master, far far far from it, i mean think about . there are far better sculpters than myself on here.

And look at it logically, my journey threads show how i get from block A to a pred looking peice granted.

BUT, do you really think i would have got the the pred stage WITHOUT the help/advice and input of the good people here? id actually say their/your help accounts for a good 33% of the look of my items. Sure i do not agree with all input as they are my take on the pred in the end, but they sure as hell push me in the right direction.

just thought i would explain that. :)