P2 Life Size Statue ( LOTS OF PICS)

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    Hi guys,

    I got commissioned to paint a P2 that has some armor parts "missing", well not really.... The client has the real props, like helmet, gaunts, chest armor, cannon etc. (Before everyone gets to excited, I cannot share the pics of those items at request of the client. But for what I can tell you, the props are still looking good, but the paint is not. Maybe someday he will share the photos of the full build when done.

    Anyways, I got a set of Chuck's skins, a P2 head by Casey etc.

    Thanks for watching!!!

    IMG_2511.jpg IMG_2510.jpg IMG_2549edited.thumb.jpg.254a75fbe34ec957b0e657f9b8594979.jpg dfddf.jpg.9bb88ae5ae791f19a6a7b193574ba83b.jpg fff.jpg.89bf5ec366af3c6b03f4f118a92ebf65.jpg hggg.jpg.16f22eab84b173573b072c665e18fa18.jpg fggg.thumb.jpg.6973918fc1dc8eb6ac93e6dad2be2e91.jpg 14449970_1266239990062942_689026639841492787_nedited.thumb.jpg.db4d2e29d97b28eacd2f8d7254ba25e7.jpg 14469460_1266240150062926_3748741325611798852_nedited.thumb.jpg.bee97a37fa39c5d549f6ff2831dcc6d5.jpg 57dad9228ffaf_FullSizeRender(2).thumb.jpg.73791eb1ff4f8c443abd6c64ba6c0ca4.jpg 57dad92528742_FullSizeRender(1)edited.jpg.4031984a7ca17d368845b5dc211cc25e.jpg 14333069_1266240143396260_2557673985847672076_nedited.thumb.jpg.2d71b50f0f1d8cdfd8ec44a426753bed.jpg 14469546_1266240206729587_6731223306961462055_nedited.thumb.jpg.dccfc04465c0b45736364e2a50b74abd.jpg 14446068_1266240183396256_487439121138254054_nedited.thumb.jpg.2dc3ee6c0e64ac8042be34030509c0f8.jpg fffffeee.jpg.3279c19358aef1062c275660c53a7096.jpg ytt.jpg 13393932_1178451078841834_1150067415220832301_n.thumb.jpg.9270f9e3db2bf6ebddb4558dbc663abc.jpg
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    I wonder why no on has commented on this. This looks great well done! :) lots of pictures here for those aspiring to do a Predator 2 paint up. Are there any basic colors you would suggest for those wanting to paint up a Predator 2 themed hunter?
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    Thank you Wreav, it happens lol.
    If im painting a head, I usually make a base color with white, brown and yellow shades in different ratios to use as a base color. Then using a noodling technique with a transparent raw umber, and a bit of the same color with a touch of magenta (it adds a bit of depth to the paint job). For the "red" color of the city hunter, I've tried many many many colors and the one that i like the most is the transparent raw umber with a touch of sepia. It works for me. Finally i do the hourglass design on the top of the head with black.
    I hand brush all the veining inside the mouth and add different shades of magenta, purples and black. This is just a quick way to explain on how i do it, but like stated in an other post, i will work on doing a quick tutorial with photos for all you hunters.

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    Looks ace
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    wow just wow

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