P2 Screencaps *126 LARGE PICS*

Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by PredatrHuntr, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. PredatrHuntr

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    Pics back by popular demand...
  2. Mr Fett

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    These great screencaps have shown us a few different things about the Lost Hunters. Here's what I'm seeing:

    1) The Boar bio helmet sticks out a good 1-2" past the back of the top row of dreads on the undermask. No other bio has done this, although it looks like the Ram bio does just a little bit, but not as much as the Boar.

    2) I know some of the undermasks for the Lost Hunters were P1 and some were P2 but they also created different ones not seen anywhere else in the movies. The Ram undermask was a P2 undermask in which they shaved the pointy tip of each section around the crown down from the normal P2 point and rounded it off.

    3) It looks like the Gort and P1 Lost Hunters were maybe thrown into the movie at the last minute. Both have a full set of bronze P2 armor and both have very close skin patterns to the main P2 costume. They easily could have both been extra main P2 suits they put different heads on, since both those bios are shaped for the standard P1 mask.

    Another oddity with those two.... both of them are wearing silver-ish bio helmets when the entire rest of their armor is bronze, like the main P2 suit. They could have painted every Lost Hunter however they wanted, so why were these two the only ones with the mismatched color of bio to armor? Both bios throwbacks from the first movie prop pile? We know the original P1 movie was supposed to be using the Gort, and we saw a painted one on the wall of the prop truck in the P1 behind the scenes, so they already had a silver one, and probably had a few P1 main bios around, so both these Lost Hunters could have gotten them, but why not repaint them to match the rest of the armor they painted for their bodies.......which like I said could have been extra P2 bodies anyway? The other Lost Hunters look more original with body paint schemes and coloration, yet the Gort and P1 Lost Hunters look almost identical. Maybe I'm off with this, but if more pictures were around of the two in better lighting, I could see what the situation really is.
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  3. Garo

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    that elder is soooo damn awesome
  4. Nagash

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    I belive its his shoulder bag, because in the first pictures where you cant see the "ribcage" the shoulderbag is in his left side and on the picture where you can see this "thing" his shoulderbag is on his right side, the side with the human skull. So I think its just his shoulderbag.

    It also seem that he has 3 belts, the sculped one, and two light brown belts, the lower one with the human skull and the gun and the above one, witch kind of looks like it has a cobra head buckle!? maybe its just one long belt?
  5. Wolfie138

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  6. Mr Fett

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    That one has been shown years ago and thought not to be a real P2 suit. It's got the Morris costume hands/gauntlets and a head unlike any other head ever seen.
  7. Robillicus

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    It's actually one of the Lost Hunter suits. The current, or past owner thought it'd be a good idea to repaint it. Plus, the head and hands don't help either. There was a discussion about the suit a while back.

  8. Mr Fett

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    Interesting!!! I wonder if the owner took any pics of it before painting it. Now I'm really wondering which one it was.
  9. PredatrHuntr

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    Looks like they cut more out of the the crown and the eyes. I actually like the repaint on the crown, but the green on the body look like bruises...like the Pred blood is pooling underneath the skin. Too bad there is no armor...and too bad the head colors dont match the body...
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  10. Mr Fett

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    I think the inner row of head spikes also looks different, and there's bumps on the outside of the upper cheek mandibles as well. Looks different than any other Pred mask I've seen yet.
  11. swift kinfe

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    Does anyone have a full body pic or knows what kind of shins and feet the P1 lost hunter had?BTW what is the gaunt one his right arm?Is that the bottom of a P2?Never could figure it out ,always figured the other one was a P1 or P2.But what is it?
  12. Mr Fett

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    The P1 Lost Hunter you are referring to (the elder) had the same shin armor as the Pred in the first movie. It was another copy of the same costume from the first movie. They did put P2 hands and feet on him, though.
  13. swift kinfe

    swift kinfe Blooded

    Not the elder.The P1 lost hunter that carries off the dead P2
  14. Mr Fett

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    Oh him, he's exactly the same as a normal P2 suit. Theory is him and Gort were both actual "main P2 character" stunt suits or something. They both share pretty much the same paintjobs on their skins with the "main P2". The P1 looking guy you're speaking of has bronze armor like the "main P2", but a P1 head and silver P1 bio.....most likely a spare bio from the filming of the first movie.
  15. hellonearth

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    so, guys, simple question, so you think the P1 and gort lost hunter suits were not in the pics of the other lost hunters because simply they were so close to the P2 hero suit? im mean, right? ive only ever seen one pic of the gort pred on set and i apparently didn't save it and i cant ever find it. the pics of the lost pred lineup is found anywhere you look but the gort pic is obscure... anyway i wish to god those suits did not just get tossed out or whatever, that is such a lame thing to do with what would've been some of the coolest predator memorabilia to date. oh well..... congrats to whatever insects or hobos that got to consume them or use them for warmth or whatever, thats so stupid. the whole point to replying to this thread is because there seams to be missing some pics from the beginning right? or, did i miss something? what about the other victims? nothing from the hotel all the way up to gary's trap? please don't take this as a discrediting, i just wasn't sure if everything was working right on my cpu. the pics were supposed to start there right? if so, and again no offense, you've done a commendable job capturing the movies high points:) but there were still quite a few worthy, earlier pics that im missing here:( its all good though bro! thank you for the documentation!
  16. hellonearth

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    OH, DAMMIT! the other point to replying on this is because i truly don't believe that suit is anything from the movie at all. sorry to whoever said that initially, and whoever believed it, but in the first predator the armor, for the most part, was attached to the skin, but for the second movie, most of the armor was separate so that they would be interchangeable, especially the forearms ( as you could imagine from all the variations in the lost hunters forearm armor) however, the forearm armor on that suit shown earlier in this thread is not only attached, it seams, but nowhere near as developed and detailed as it would be for the movie, not to mention I'm looking at the pics of the lost pred lineup and that suit pales in comparison, on detail or any other way you want to look at it, they aren't made by the same group of people or it would be outstanding no matter what strange paint job some weirdo would allegedly do after the fact, anyone agree? now maybe, just maybe, the head might somewhat be authentic, im not sure, but i would bet money that if any of it is authentic its maybe the head, or maybe just the head excluding the dreads since they don't really look up to par either, but if anything that is the only reason the body is so poorly painted, as far as accuracy in any way, or matching it to the head is because it isn't authentic, but just a very cruel lie!!
  17. Hello,

    Those are awesom screen captures.This was my favorite Predator because of his head design and skin scheme.The only thing I didn't like about allot of the scenes where the Predator is scene is,they are either to dark or he is cloaked.I wish they sowed more of him.My favorite screen capture is this one where the Predator destroys Danny Glovers shotgun and open his mandibles,he looks wicked there..

  18. PredatrHuntr

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    Pictures re-added
  19. MothMonty

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    Is the pred that's to Ram's left just P2 without his chest and back armor or is it another pred?
  20. pred666pain666

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    That's Snake
  21. goldenhybrid

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    thanks helped alot
  22. kroenen77

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    Great pics...but can you post some good pics of the stuntmask,too?You can only see it in the movie,when the Predator is crawling on the top of the subway.I have only the Bluray and can not make shots with power DVD.
  23. chingonaz0

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    all these pictures will really come in handy. thank you.
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    I just tripled my Predator picture files. Excellent!

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