Painting Hands? Anyone have tips?



I bought some hands from the local halloween shop and now I need to Paint them.


I want to go for a P2 color scheme. The posts Ive read suggest thinning latex with water/windex and using acrylics. Is there a certain order I should paint the colors in? Is there anything else I can seal it with besides Permawet? Something I can get locally? Or should I just order the permawet and wait? Anything else I should know? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone has any ideas for color schemes I can try out I'd like to hear 'em..... or see them.


You'll need to lay down a bas coat before doing anythong else. I use a 25% acrylic + 25% latex +50% distilled water mix then lay down my colours I also spray with a fixative spray between layers. Once finished coat with Perma wet if you can get it, or liquitex clear acrylic gloss medium or if you can't find either of thiese Berol's marvin Medium.