Personnel P1 journey


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It was decided a while ago to keep all but they mouth eyes ears and a few random plces matted.

Being silicone i can always make it look wet if needed with hair gel or somthing.


Lee......thats looks the ******* TITS man.....really moves nicely....lets hope it still moves just as well when whoever it is who's doing your undermask decides to pull his ******* finger out of his ass and get a move on eh lol.
BTW....I would use KY jelly or one of those flavoured water based lubricants from ann summers instead of hair gel to moisten the inside of the mouth...dont know what kind of fucked up chemicals are in todays hair gels or what kind of damage they could do to REAL mouth is just the other side of it .....wouldn't want to be licking hair gel all day would you?
Beads came out nice BTW


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The mouth and eyes are wetted up anyway due to the top glossy silicone finish, i only matted the main head down. B)

So it will only be used for drool, but good point about the hair gel lol.

As for the animatronics, what will be will be. :D


Right ... now all I have to do is invent an machine that can suck talent from a person and transfer it to me ... first visit would have to be to Usurpers home ... lived in UK didn't you ?

I fail at words describing how amazing that mask is.


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wow, thankyou


Ive said it before, and i will say it again, ANYONE can sculpt, if i can make somethign half decent, anyone can. I took NO lessons, didnt do ANY clay work in school, i just decided to try. AAAAAAAAAAALL you need is patience, and WANT to be able to do it.

best advice i can give anyone starting off is this.

Take your time.
Get plenty of reference of the rough shape you are after.
Take photos, as they see things the eye does not.
Take your time.
and finally


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your my inspiration, im gonna try, but first i have to check where to buy the materials, probably ebay since here in PR i dont know wwhere to look at, but thanks for showing us the way usurper

pred beginner

hey lee awesome work man, got a question for ya. whats the diameter of the dread holes in mask? was thinking like an inch but not sure. havent gotten dreads yet but ready to finish up mine. thanks dude


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Sorry for th slow reply, i made the biggest holes approx 30mm wide, and as they came forward they get progressively smaller.