Play-doh discovery!


Round Hammer

My son left a tiny bit of play-doh out that he used one of those molds on and by the time we discovered it, it was solid as a rock.
This gave me an idea.
I took a small bit and molded it into a dread ring to see what would happen if I left it out. After about a week, it too was solid!

The applications for this are endless! Dread rings, quills, detailing bits for armor or plasma casters, use your imagination! I bet that if you had enough of it, you could also make small bits of armor.

The one thing I don't know is how it will take paint. I suppose you could color it with a permanent marker first...or plasti-dip.
I also don't know how much stress it will take before breaking.

Savage Yautja

Try Plasti-coat Epoxy paint. I got a can of the Stainless steel for my costume. Takes longer to dry but it should be durable.