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You have too many layers of paint or too many layers it becomes thick and pealable. Same concept that plasti dip uses if you do 5 layers and only a lot of layers you can literally peel it right off like they do when they do the whole car with it and just peel it right off


My 2 cents. I dont see ANY reason for using Pros-aid. Unless its your top coat and you are painting with it. (PAX) Latex on its own is a VERY powerful adhesive. Why would you follow this up with a product KNOWN to break down with sweat??

Pros-Aid is a brilliant product for glueing on Prosthetics and for making flexible paint. (PAX) Even so. Sweet and Pros-aid are not a good combination. I have seen the best makeup jobs come apart because the person sweated profusely underneath the prosthetic. Its the same for Bald-caps etc, they wont hold forever!

Here is what I see. Most of the Paint has lifted in areas SWEAT has gathered or been trapped. I.e where armour straps were, crotch, etc. This would indicate = delamination due to moisture, Wear. As the paint is almost bubbling in places I am leaning towards Moisture. Bubbles Vs Wear.

To cover and entire suit with Pros-aide serves NO PURPOSE that the latex can not perform itself. They are BOTH flexible rubber based adhesives. The only difference being Latex dries with the evaporation of Ammonia, where Pros-aide has been modified to set without the Ammonia ingredient. Moisture CAN KILL Pros-aide! it's an adhesive designed to be used on skin. (Much weaker than Latex)

Method I would use.

1. Spray two coats of Latex on Bodysuit. to seal (making sure it penetrates the fabric)
Adhere muscles with Liquid Latex OR a Contact Adhesive such as Ados F2 etc.

Latex layers should be applied thin and remain flexible. A different approach is required for a suit vs mask

2. Spray two more coats of latex, followed by brush to seal foam surface pieces.

3. Add effects to the skin, bumps etc.

4 Seal with two more coats of latex.

5 Use EITHER Latex OR Pros-aide as your paint base. Paint as Required.

IMPORTANT! as with when I do bald caps, I leave a small hole behind the ear for sweat to LEAK out! You do NOT want water sitting in your suite as in time it WILL be detrimental! Put small eyelets or sew Button holes in the areas that will gather sweat! Behind knees, elbows, the crotch, back of the neck behind Dreads, at the waist band etc. These can be easily hidden in the paint job or with embellishments. Your body suite MUST BREATH!!

For what it is worth :) :)
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