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The Mortal Immortal

One thing I don't get is the pm thing. Wouldn't you think the guy would notice if some one pm when the new message notifier pops up at the top of the forum. I think that has got to be one of the stupidest and space wasting thing a person can do. Come on is typing pm send really necessary.

Savage Yautja

Yeah Scott right . (Scott by the way I just Pmed you a reply. Just kidding.


Ha HA...I remember when you brought this up in chat a few months ago...I totally agreed with you...then Mike goes and asks if anyone wanted a chopper bio on the Hunters Forum...and there I am am with the "PM sent" message. I'm a walking contradiction


Pm sent scott

what gets me about the stupid PM sent thing is the fact that your usually in contact with the person already so it's a moot point.

unless your annoucing to the world that you know this person.

it's like you letting someone know you've let them know?

The Big Gunns

A while back someone was having problems at home and made a post about it. I didnt want the whole world to know what I said to them so I sen them a PM. But I typed PM sent . This let everyone on the board know that I cared enough to respond.. but it was private.

Also.. when someone is getting rid of something and you type pm sent.. you are basically letting everyone know they are SOL because you responded first