Possible body suit for Predator?


I was looking through a costume site and find this...


With a repaint, this could be a great addition to a Predator! They also had a Superman version.
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They are a good suit if you repaint them
Contains: 13 Pieces including:
2 Latex Leg Boot Covers with velcro closure
1 Latex Foam Thighs/Hips with stretch cloth back
1 Latex Foam Muscle Chest with ties
2 Latex Foam Upper Arm Pieces
2 Latex Gloves
1 Latex Headpiece/Cowl
1 Latex Belt with velcro
1 Satin Cape with scalloped edges and fully lined
1 Tights top black
1 Tights bottom black
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Now that I've seen that other picture, it doesn't look like the back of the torso has a "back" on it.

Unless you have a big pack to hide it, it would probably take more work to make it useable than it's worth.