Possibly The Most Accurate Bio Ever.


Here it is...
image (1).jpeg


As you can imagine the sheer time it took to produce this piece of art was enormous.
I studied so many screen shots to get the detail as perfect as I could.

It must be difficult for some of the more seasoned sculpters to accept that a noob like myself just wanders in and starts to knock out masterpieces such as this. And although it seems cockey I dont mean to be its just that I come from a very arty family.

Will I be selling these?
Yes but unfortunately we will be looking at about $700 each in order to cover materials and time.
Each one however will come with a bespoke stand as shown in the pics.

Thanks for looking.

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Im not sure whats more impressive the bio or the fact you got the 2 pieces of fruit to balance on top of each other lol.


Genius work. You are well ahead of the rest of the mere mortals here. :-D
Is it possible to get one with a Fuji apple/Satsuma orange stand???


Well out of my price range! But congrats to whomever manages to pick one of these bad boys up!

Stan Winston would be proud!