Post your sexiest Pred shot...

like triumph says about the nerd/prop community

"The 1st and last time you will see female when your born" :D!!....iv'e heard it like this...." spend 9 months trying to get out and the rest of your life trying to get back in!!!"!!!!


Me and the Suicide Girls, Wizard World 08.....Nucking Futs is still kickinmy ass though lol
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carpe noctem

I KNEW THOSE WERE FOR SOMETHING USEFUL !!!!! I CIRCLED IN BLUE>> those are for better grip from behind....upper for tall and lower handle for short.... lol :lol:


thats all I have for now! I'm still working on the lower kind of got in the way is needed :lol:

I guess, its sexy enough...I don't have pictures of me next to some babes or anything, I have detailing for the chest that I still need to add, so as of looks like a bra, hahhah...whoops I guess I am the lair slut.
jesus! uh, um... wow, you're one of those really intense girls aren't cha?... uh, i'll be going now
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This is a good thread and some great pictures.I say besides Andrew...Art is the man. :unsure:

The pred suits attract much attention!
This one cracks me up cuz you got a Pred in Football pads & a chick in a Referee suit!!
The funny thing was after I told him of the Hunters Lair and he joined I said to him "did you check out the hot chick in the ref uniform" and he said "dude thats my mom". lol That still cracks me up.