pred 2 head done


That turned out badass!!!

I'm sure your client will love it! If not, you'll certainly find a buyer here on the Lair!!!!



dunno, talk to deluted concepts, it's his gig. I'm just the clay pusher.

Thanks for all the great comps. to be perfectly honest though, I really am a pred newbie and
can't tell if by pred fan standards if this thing would really be considered that good or not. Photos of just
the oringal sculpture seem almost non-existent cept for that one in the winston book, and that's pretty fuzzy.
I mainly tried to keep this thing looking more raw than highly refined. and more disjointed in appearance. But without seeing good clear photos of the orignal sculpt it's really hard to tell what was done in the original. I know the mandibles were sculpted closed, but deluted wanted this pose. of course they were making an anamatronic head.


No question about it, by fans of Predator standards this is one of the top P2 head sculpts done to date, No worries there Bob.