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Does anyone have any good Predator novel recommendations? I'm more interested in the biological/cultural aspect. Not sure if anything like that is out there. There seems to be a lot of books, but figured I'd ask here first.




Young Blood
I have not read many Predator novels but I can say that the Aliens vs Predator novels do explain a lot of their lore.  They talk about heirarchy and rank structure.  They describe some of the things Predators do on their own planet. They even talk a little bit about the mating process.  If you want to know more about the Predators, definitely start with the AvP books.


I have read all of the Predator and AVP books numerous times; however, only a handful of them are good reads.  Of the AVP novels, which do go into details about their culture (although not canon, since it's not in film), AVP Prey is the best.  It features Dachande and Machiko.

Of the Predator novels, Flesh and Blood goes into quite a bit of detail also....even more so than the AVP novels.

BUT the best of them, in terms of literary works, are as follows:

South China Sea
Big Game
AVP Prey
And surprisingly, the novelization of the film AVP.  MUCH better than the film.


I would have to second, Bill, and once again mention ,' Predator: South China Sea' - the best Predator Book ever put out  by DarkHorse. 'Prey.'.. I didn't  care much at all for, as it's more of a novelization of the comics.
I would like to also suggest the novelizations of the Films, 'Predator' and 'Predator 2', along with the 'AVP' novelization. If you can read with a discerning eye, you can glean a good  deal of information  from the screenplays by the Thomas brothers. Especially with P2, as the author ofter shares the Predator's P.O.V, concerning humans, hierarchy  and culture.
@ Bill, ..Yes the AVP novelization was a lot better then the film. I was a nice read.


Predataur said:
^^^ What was it you liked about "Big Game"?
The Native American legend about who the Predator was. 
The intelligence of the Predator (playing games to terrorize people, i.e. throwing human heads at the soldiers)
The battle with alcoholism by the main character ( a REAL type of hero)
The way the Predator outsmarted his pursuers at every turn.
The description of his ship, and how he blew it up at the right time.
The descriptive narrative of the Hero's brother looking at the Hunter (predator) who was looking at the hunter (the Puma) who was looking at his prey.

....and the list could go on.  I thought it was very well written, with a slant not seen in the other novels. 
predator books i could reccomend for you.


cold war
concrete jungle
dark river*

*read those three together in that order, they follow on from each other