pred helmet newbie


Yoda 54

sup fellas,

Im very new to the pred Bio helmet thing and am looking to make an entire headwear (not including the actual mask of the predator) and i really want it to rock.

I would love to be directed in the right direction as to what kind of paint and the layering to use. What to use under the bio helmet to attach the dreads to and such. just any info from u pros out there



Ok newbie boy!

Tell us whatcha got that u are working on?
You got a bio helmet you wanna paint and make it look kickass?

Well to do that you start with a base coat, usually a silver color. Then you proceed to mist it with other colors, such as black, grey, brown. Anything to make it look dingy.

Ya can do that if ya got an airbrush if not....

Take a sponge and smear acrylics all over the helmet, ie Black.
THEN take a cloth and wipe it all off. And residue will remain on the helmet surface and black will stay in the cracks/holes,
This will give it some grit and weathering.

Get and idea of what color u want it to look like and work with the above technique adding more layers and more paint.
Try to mimic how time and battle would age the metal of the helmet.

ANd use ur imagination...




That's how I have started practicing weathering on mine now. I have only used black so far but I use a damp cloth to wipe off the paint. I'll be trying my hand at it on my ram next.

Yoda 54

Thanks Gene that helps alot bro.
Its a pred 2 helmet that i want to make movie acurate.
i don't have a airbrush, so i was just thinking about using some kind of spray paint.
Also as far as the dreads go i've ordered backer rods recomended by some other people. What should i use to go under the biohelmet to attach the dreads to. Like a bike helmet or something or what?
Thanks guys.


Savage Yautja

here are a few basic tips for painting a bio.
Use a good primer to give the paint something to grab. There are Krylon primers made for plastics. After the primer coat you'll want to use either a brown or black base color for a copper,bronze or gold finish, black for silvers and pewters works best. Each helps to bring out the shade of the top color better.
If you have an airbrush you can add black for deep shadows in the cracks and crevices, also rust, dark grays, shades of browns, earth tones which might blend with the overall look of the habitat this pred might live in.
Start with the shadows and work up to the highlighted areas. Sometime a little is all you need for the right look.(less is more). You can always add to it gradually.