Predafett poll.

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Beige skin, grey skin or green skin?

  1. Beige skin.

  2. Grey skin

  3. Green skin.

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  1. Alex Hayashi

    Alex Hayashi Unblooded

    Recently I have just purchased a Boba Fett, Predator cross mask and I was considering down the line making a costume to go with the mask blending both types of armor together. The thing is I can't decide on skin color between the regular beige skin, grey skin or green skin, what do you guys think?
  2. predtrooper

    predtrooper Blooded

    Gray skin, green armour
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  3. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Beige with a very light coat of grey imo.
  4. Alex Hayashi

    Alex Hayashi Unblooded

    Either way the mask just arrived and it looks amazing. Only gripes is the the visor is not transparent and I'l have to swap it out if I tend to use it.
    Predafett mask.jpg
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  5. Alex Hayashi

    Alex Hayashi Unblooded

    I'll probably create another thread but for the time being my second mask arrived: The Serpent Hunter Mask. Bit smaller than I expected but still looks amazing. 36812293_1438074216337747_35731555217309696_n.jpg
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  6. Texas predator

    Texas predator Blooded

    WOW, great collection you started there I like the two helmets :) AWESOME!!
  7. Alex Hayashi

    Alex Hayashi Unblooded

    Thanks man, got a Big Red mask on the way and seeing if I can get a custom Scarface mask from someone on Etsy.
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  8. BuckeyeStalker

    BuckeyeStalker Blooded

    I posted this already on another thread... but this would work
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  9. Alex Hayashi

    Alex Hayashi Unblooded

    I have been using that as one of my main sources of inspiration.
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  10. Alex Hayashi

    Alex Hayashi Unblooded

    I find myself taking notes off this picture, I like the idea of the Yellow Boba shoulder and knee guards blended into regular Predator armor as well as his chest piece. Same can be said with his blaster and jetpack being blended into a plasma caster pack.
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