Predator 1 Airbrushing and painting tutorial.



Well, since Barret asked me to post a tutorial about how I painted my Predator,here goes! I am in no way an expert but hopefully my techniques can help some of you guys out.
I primarily use testors model master acrylics and use Rubbing alcohol as my thinner.

1.If the kit is resin, Wash good with dishsoap and water to remove the mold release.
2.I primed it with Testors Modelmaster Gray Primer.
3.airbrush Base coat of Testors Modelmaster acrylic SAND.
4. Airbrush a Dark green ( I made darker by adding Black to the mix) over the back portion of the head for your base.Then randomly hit that area with Dark brown (Raw Umber)
5.Airbrush Very dark green,almost black to eye area.
6. Spots: I handpainted various shapes of Dark green in a fang like pattern around the head,you want them to get smaller as you get closer to the front of the face,then added Dark Green freckles around the eyes and eyebrow. Then various freckles around the side fo the mouth (Not too many, you only want a few) I then went back to the head with a Very dark brown. I placed various shaped spots around the Dark Green ones. I then took a lighter brown or Tan and added spots by themselves between the Green and Dark brown spots.(You dont want to mix them, the tan spots are on their own on the sand portion of your head that you didn't freckle. You lighten the shade of tan the closer you get to the eyebrows. Then I airbrushed shadow tint color (one of your skin colors) over the fang pattern on the head. I later went back and touched up the spots again.(This gives that area of the head a nice blended look.
7. Mouth: I airbrushed insignia Red mixed with some black to darken it a bit as a base coat for the mouth area and tongue.
I then lightened the red to pink , then airbrushed the inner sides of the mandibles and highlited the mouth area.After it dries good, I gave it a "Wash" of darker red mixed with Rubbing alcohol" to blend the colors together. Then add your veins using a VERY small brush, later airbrush very lightly over them with pink or wash over it again to blend them.
8. Paint your neckpiece
9. I handpainted the quills in the head (this was time consuming)
10. Teeth: Use The shadow tint again as the base and lighten the colors with white as you get to the sharp point of the tooth. Then give it a wash of darker brown at the base of the tooth and run some of it upwards.
11. Clear coat this sucker with Testors Semi Gloss to give it that slightly wet look like the movie.
I hope this helps!
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For me, every little bit helps. Many thanks Steve!



Yes, Thank you also, Steve. I just bought my first airbrush and compressor yesterday, and I need all the help I can get! I was the one asking for the tutorials in your post on the RPF.
Now off to buy some paint.


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Steve, thanks for the tutorial. You are the man.


My pleasure. I added new better photos in another thread, check it out!