Predator 1 helmet real measurements

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I'm new in this site and I want to know if you can tell me the real measurements of the Predator 1 movie helmet because there are a lot of helmets out there but, wich is exactly as the movie?
Looking the movie Predator extras I guess is quit big than the props I've seen, considering that Kevin Peter Hall was a very big guy and the helmet in the movie is big in comparison.
Anybody knows if the icons Predator was really casted from this helmet?


The Icon bio is kinda small, I'm not sure what the real bio size is. You could scale it off a movie picture.
What about that Gauntlet video that was posted some time ago? There was a helmet in the back ground probly can scale it off some thing thats close to the helmet too. That one was screen used I think.


Wait are the ones we have the real deal? Like the 'John mays UK Bio' or the 'Batman Dead End Bios' or even the 'Wolf Bio'? I know the Icons bio is not that accurate to the real one.


Ok found it.... it's supposed to be 23" from the back of the head to the bottom of the chin and 12 3/4" wide. I don't have anything more detailed than that


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Icons was given a stunt helmet to pull from and they used that. there was some discussion a few years back on this topic and that was what were were told by ex-employees.

how accurate that information is....take it with a grain of salt.