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  1. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Hey friends,
    I finaly got around to doing some work on my new sculpture. I was a little unsatisfied with my last one and wanted to make improvments were i saw fit. I only just started this sculpture and it is far from done but i wanted to share some progress and get some opinions on it. I was just adding some test texture to it today so its still pretty primitive but the basic shapes and ideas are there. Let me know what you think and thanks for looking.

    Also, i am gonna try to upload the pictures through photobucket, and i have never done it before so let me know if they work properly.

  2. pred666pain666

    pred666pain666 Elite Hunter

    Dude mask is looking v cool.
  3. shockwave

    shockwave Blooded

    Looking pretty damn good mate! I really like the overall proportions and detail. Plus he looks pissed, so it's all good!
  4. PredatrHuntr

    PredatrHuntr Veteran Hunter

    Fantastic. Keep up the progress pics...
  5. I'm loving the detail you have going on it so far.

  6. Blade3327

    Blade3327 Blooded

    Love the skin detail on this thing. Great job! Will keep tabs on fo' sho'!
  7. Usurper

    Usurper Veteran Hunter

    Woohooo , more sculpts, and a good looking one also.

    keep going with the update pictures
  8. xdmray

    xdmray Elite Hunter

    damn all you do is sculpt! i wish i had your free time. this one is looking better than the first one.

    a few crits- the "upper lip" seems a bit too high. im not really diggin the upside down V shape of it either. should go more strait across. how screen accurate you going for?

    i know the teeth are there for guides but i would down scale them and the lower mandibles a tad.

    my two cents.

    looking good corey, keep it up!!
  9. skunk

    skunk Hunter

    Looking really good....great detailing on the crown so far....definitely keep it up dood!
  10. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Well, i have been working on some more texture and refining. I decreased the v shape over the mouth (thank you xmdray) and thinned the teeth. I appreciate the comments, keep it up!

  11. T800

    T800 Blooded

    ;) Nice work man!
  12. alphatech686

    alphatech686 Hunter

    very nice work. Texturing is coming along nicely.
  13. PredatrHuntr

    PredatrHuntr Veteran Hunter

    That is just awesome...
  14. carlart

    carlart Hunter

    SHWEEET ;)
  15. oneuglymf

    oneuglymf Blooded

    WOW!!! Amazing work!
  16. tbail1989

    tbail1989 Unblooded

    Honestly man that is top notch work right should be proud cause honestly you just blew my mind with that amazing detail you have going on...hopefully when you mold it all the detail is captured cause that is amazing!
  17. Timmmy

    Timmmy Blooded

    I really love the scales on the throat and the back of his head, gives him a rather reptillian feel - guess most of it will be covered by dreads when finished, but you went the extra-mile with this!
    One of the first thoughts I had in mind when I saw this was this Pred has gotta be greenish, like some bad-ass Killer-Crocy beast who hunts prey in the swamps... ;)
  18. Uhlakk

    Uhlakk Hunter


    Very cool! Great work man!
  19. Bovine13

    Bovine13 Hunter

    It looks great. The detail and textures on top of the head/crown area are sick!
  20. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Thank you all for your compliments. I have been considering if the scales on the back of the head and neck are to much? I like texture but i dont want to make him look like anything other than what hes supposed to be. What do you think? I think the scales would make for a nice rattlesnake paintjob on him lol. Well i am gonna do some work on it, and i will post more pictures tonight hopefully. Thanks again for the comments but let me know if you think somthing looks bad, i want to make this sculpt perfect so i can get back to making biomasks that fit it, and the rest of the costume. I think after this and his bio i will be making some working gauntlets... hmmm... lol
  21. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    may i join the others in giving you MASSIVE props for a great sculpt.... ;)

  22. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    OK, i did the whole texture on the back of the head and the neck... then i decided to scrape it all off cuz i didnt like it. I re-did the neck and the back of the head and i would like to see what everyone thinks about it. Do you think its to much? too busy? Well its getting closer, just alot of clean up and refining, and the right side still has the old texture, gotta redo that.
  23. Warlock0024

    Warlock0024 Unblooded

    I like that. I dont think its to busy, but as you know it will eventually get covered up by the dreads...
  24. PredatrHuntr

    PredatrHuntr Veteran Hunter

    Hmmm....see now there's a major problem with the neck area behind the jawline...its way no I can't find a damn thing wrong with it!! Keep it up ;)
  25. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Yea exactly. I just want there to be somthing under there, so if you ever look behind the dreads it doesent look rushed or plain. I am all for making somthing that is quality. The neck will be covered by the rings too, im gonna cast those seperatly this time.

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