Predator 2 _ Guardian /gort Predator Question

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I'm looking for info on the Guardian Predator original suit. I know the basis was a City Hunter suit with the unused Gort helmet from Predator. But could you confirm what head was used? Predator 1 style or City Hunter?

I had this photo in the hard drive, but is hard to tell


thanks for looking!
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I quickly went through the gallery but didn't find much gort related.  At the very least we can assume that it was a P1 style half mask since the bio was already made for it.  Happy hunting. 

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Me too, I assumed that.

But seeing that NECA used a City Hunter head behind the Gort helmet head makes me wonder. The already had made the original hunter head sculpt attached to Gort helmet, but they decided to change it to the city hunter for the guardian release (both in the small and big figure). The only reason I can find behind that is they had access to better photo reference than us.