Predator 2 Helmet Fun! Environmental Mask Fart Shield Scuba.


Hello all!! 

Welp, I've never actually done a true progress thread, so I thought I would give it a go with a P2 helmet I'm currently working on. 

This particular helmet I bought about 6 years ago, on the old Lair, from a member by the name of "SavageYautja." The helmet is a pretty solid casting with the usual air bubbles and barely noticeable "strokey" warpage. All that is, is the left side of the helmet kind of droops down below the right - some kind of mold irregularity. Anyway, barely noticeable. One thing that I thought was interesting about the helmet, was that there was a bit more material left behind the goggle area of the visor. The mesh material was bonded in the resin, and then pushed out through the goggle area - giving it an almost "bug-eyed" look. Something new, and different, and all that. 

Now, here is the helmet as it was before I started working on it -


There was a significant amount of missing material from the targeting shroud, and some of the detail was missing from the body of the housing as well; which you can see here -


I'd actually started to repair the shroud lip, and dremeled out the segmented temple detail. See how the mesh kinda bugs out past the goggles? 

Oh, and a warning about selecting primers! While I am an advocate for automotive primers, stay away from FILLER primers. FILLER Primers are assholes, and do exactly what their name entails; while ideal for a smooth, glass-like finish on a car, not so much on a movie prop that has a lot of fine detail and weathering incorporated into the sculpt. 

Okay then, here's a little bit more progress -


Here we go! It's starting to look a bit cleaner, and closer to where I want it. In this next one, I spent some time working on the visor area, and decided to test-fit the mesh material I would use later on, on the finished piece. 


I decided that I wanted to keep the visor pushed back into the helmet. Also, I'm trying to refine the goggles as they are a lot more defined on the Hero helmet. Depending on the generation of casting that you get, they're either sharp and machined looking, or they're barely noticeable - almost like they were unintentional. Oh, yeah... and there's the crudely drawn outline for the infamous brow bump. 

Welp, that's all I have for now. I think I've been working on this on and off for about two weeks now. See, I have a shitty job that I have to show up for so I can do things like, pay bills, eat, and so on. So, unfortunately, updates will be somewhat delayed. But, I do plan on finishing this and possibly selling it - because my job sucks ass.

Anyways, thanks for looking!!   :D
'We want more!'

Hmmm ,  i believe i had the same helmet look @ the details. But have given mine away at the Pay It Forward topic.

Even i never have been on the old forum got it on this forum and needed alot of TLC,


Thanks for the support, fellows!!!  :D 

Truth-be-told, I might be my own worst enemy. Welp, seeing as how I set out to only correct a few things on the bio I didn't like, I've now gone on to completely revamp most of it. What I mean is, is that the left "brow" of the helmet sits lower, and is flatter than the right side. I don't think this is actual warpage, but a part of the sculpt - what with ridiculously tight deadlines and such for the shoot. So, I've started to bulk it up a bit, and I've added some more "swoopy" lines above the shroud. I'm also trying to make the brow more angular, and aggressive looking. Flipping back and forth between pictures of the Hero and Stunt; there's actually quite a dramatic difference between the two.

But, for now I'm just focusing on trying to make it look interesting in my eye. Like Steve Wang said in his lesson, "You're just trying to make it look cool." 

Also, I'm rather new at this epoxy, body-shopping technique. Sure, I've used it before for pinholes and air bubbles, but never to this extent. There's a HUGE learning curve between this technique, and actually sculpting with clay. I'm used to having more control. But, where's the fun if you don't step out of your comfort zone from time to time? 

Update pictures are coming soon! 



I never actually minded any of the imperfections in the stunt. I thought if its how it was in the film then its good enough for me. But i think making it look like the hero is a good idea. Meant  to get one for myself and have a go sometime. I like what Bryan did with his P2. Anyway good luck with it mate and i look forward to seeing how it turns out.  :)


Well then. 

This has certainly turned into quite the project. I just couldn't leave anything well enough alone. I will say, that there are several things about it that I really like, and are turning out to my liking. The other... well, lets just say I need to practice at reaching a point where I'm happy, and to leave it the hell alone. Anyways, on to the pics.

In this one, I've modified the brow to closer resemble the Hero. I've also added some more details on the left temple; drawing from the spaceship interior at the end of the movie. 


I'm also working on rounding out the cheeks, and adding more defined lines on the muzzle. 

In this one, I've updated (somewhat) the entire brow - brought it down just a bit more - and unnecessarily added bits to the right temple. What can I say... I get carried away. Anyhow, I've got lots more to do - refining the brow more, and finishing the knot. 


Welp, that's all I got for now. I'm heading back down to work on it some more. I will say, that I've been using Aves Apoxie Sculpt. I like this stuff a lot more than I do the Milliput I was using. You get more of a work-time with it, and I think it acts more like clay. The Aves dries just as hard as Milliput, and sands just as easy. 

Thanks for looking!!!