Predator 2 Helmet Movie Mold?



So I found this picture in my archived folder of reference pictures. I have been sorting the folders, deleting multiple pictures when I stumbled upon this.

I remembered this from way back when on ebay. Like the description says, whomever was selling this stated it was from the movie studio. Or at least that is what I led myself to believe. I would have to say as a guess the auction happened about 5 years ago, or MORE.

George one time in conversation I mentioned to you that I remembered "you trying to sell your movie helmet mold on ebay" You replied that you never did such a thing. This was the mold I was talking about. I just forgot the specifics about what the mold actually was.

Anyone have any idea about this?

I am curious to see what you have to say George.

Maybe this can kick start an Ole School Lost Hunters Discussion!!!!???? :D


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what a terrible mother jacket. it looks like i did it. lol
i wonder if that really is it, you would think they would make the jacket a little nicer.


Well if it was done by a studio I would think that they would have made the mold with silicone and the mothermold with fiberglass, but that's just my thoughts.


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interesting .. that really doesnt look like mold builder latex ..more like silicone . Big, heavy, stone mother mold ..ya ..that sounds about right. Remember thats the way they were doing them back it the day. So its possible ..I just dont have any first hand knowledge of this mold.


I remember seeing this on ebay all the time from that seller, I forget his name though......