Predator 2 HT kits -- help for money?


I am starting to buy the Hot Toys Predator 2 kits -- I'm after he City Hunter (ordinary and battle damaged), the Elder and the Lost Predator. I know that you can get non kit versions of some of them but I like the older sculpts better. Also, for sentimental reasons they are the kits I wanted so much as a little boy (I started an interest in the first two films quite young).

Unfortunately I have a few health problems (PM for detail if you want) and would rather not try the assembly of such expensive and rare kits myself.

As such I am trying to find someone highly experienced with Hot Toys Predator kits -- best in the UK? -- who might be willing to receive the kits, assemble the Predator and return the figures very carefully packed for a fee - would £100-150 per Pred plus shipping do? It seems to take an evening or so so I do realise a good recompense is needed.

The first kit should be here by the end of the month but I would rather wait til I had all four (likely by July) as a large parcel can be double or triple boxed and then carefully returned. I am sure that folk do it for Warhammer and stuff like that.

I know that this is not really playing the game (and no-one likes a sob story) but if anyone is willing to consider it it would be wonderful and so kind - I will collect them as MIBs if not, but they would look magnificent on a shelf!

Please PM if interested.

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