Predator 2 Mask Display Help


Hey guys, I picked up this piece about 6 years ago and have never been able to find out anything about it. The piece looks to be the HCG Predator 2 display but is in fact made of solid cast iron and weighs 65lbs! The base is hollow cast iron but the support arm and the mask itself are solid metal. The mask does not come off the support arm like the HCG fibre glass version. The piece was in really bad shape when I got it so I had it plated to stop the rust and preserve it. Dimensionally, it is a carbon copy of the HCG display. In the 2nd photograph, taken as the mask was cleaned for plating (on the left), all of the deliberate dings and marks in the original sculpt are identical to the HCG version on the right. I come from a tool making back ground so I'm familiar with skills needed and the costs involved in making a cast piece like this; which leads me towards this being in someway, HCG production related.
Any of you guys have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions on what this bad boy could be?
Mask Display Comparison Shots.JPG

P2 Mask Matches.jpg


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I saw this posted on the RPF group. So to help you I went and asked the person who knows all about bio masks. He said... he has no idea where this comes from.
This is a rare, strange occurrence that I can't get my head around..