Predator 2 Medic Bowl Thing?


Hello everyone, I come from the 405th Halo group with a question for ya'll. I recently got these two older camera attachments at a local auction in a lot box. They fold out in a circular to create the bowl shape. I realized they kind of look like the little bowl shaped medical device that the Predator in the 2nd film uses in the bathroom scene. A little flame comes out and he uses chunks of drywall and tile to make a healing paste for his arm stump.

My question is, would anyone be interested in receiving these? I'm not a Predator costumer, but instead of just throwing them away I figured I'd ask ya'll if you had any interest in them. If you do, let me know. I'll hang onto them for while just in case. Thanks.


Sure thing I can use it LOL LunaticNic i just have to smash my drywall and mix it in that little thing ....but I cannot assure the consequences with my landlord LOL ( joke of course) :)