Predator 2 ship pillar


Hello fellow fanatics!
So I’ve been messing around with a 3D pen lately and, well I’ve realized you can do just about anything with this thing! Along with a soldering iron for smoothing you can go nuts. The example I present today is the central pillar (which is also one of the surrounding pillars design) for a 1/12 scale figure. Still needing a bit of refinement but I would love to make it well enough to make copies of... anyway, I only had the reference material that we’ve all had for twenty five years so there were a few little areas I had to take some “artistic liberties” with. I’d love your feedback and any suggestions! Or if you think maybe there’s a pic out there if this thing that I haven’t seen yet? After I make a mold I’ll paint it and we’ll see how it looks then. as it is, the lighting and glare kill a lot of the depth and detail. Let me know what you think!



Beautiful work. Do please let me know if you consider or know of similar wonderful work in 1/6.

Reading between the lines, are you attempting to produce the interior of the Lost Tribe's ship? I have dreamed of it in the larger scale as a commission project about half a decade from now and it will be inexpressibly wonderful to see it in 1/12. Keep up the wonderful work!


Wow I didn’t see any of these replies before for some reason. Sorry! And thank you! And yes, for those reading between those lines... I have made (part of) the ships interior and will have to throw that up soon. I think you guys might dig it. Thanks again really