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Thanks Andrew,means a lot coming from you man. Gene and I are both honored and ready to represent the Lair the best way possible. We are going to be making him a classic P1. As we move along.....all we be documented and video will be taken. Were here to represent the lair and and even though were making this suit for Jamie......this suit is coming from the lair. More to come as this process moves forward......this is going to be some awesome ****.

****Note...a seperate thread will be started for anyone wanting a chance to donate and to help stay true to this classic P1 suit with minor modifications. More info to come.


O.K., let's get this thread back on track with some more photos from the panel/trophy event!

A dream come true: handing a recreated prop back to its original creator. Thanks Steve!

Assuring Dave that this cannon won't blow up like the original did in Palenque.

The gang's all here...

The guys really liked their trophies.

Steve, Jamie, and Matt.

Andrew's (Kithunter) KJ5 bio painted by Paul Francis adorned with signatures from the entire panel. I had to persuade them all to sign it, they were so reluctant to ruin the paint job (Richard, Shannon, Steve, and Matt shown)



An added treat was talking to Richard Landon extensively about Predator. He brought a prop of his own, a mirrored, vacuum tube laser chamber he constructed for the helmet lasers. he explained that the compact solid state lasers we have today didn't exist in 1987, so that's what they used. When you see photos of KPH in his under mask with the laser module lodged in the side, its because there was no way to fit it into the bio as you can see below. Just one of the many interesting things we learned from the guys that day.


Another thing I learned, was that there was only one cannon brought with the crew on location in Palenque. Seems like a death wish I said, but was reminded how short of time they had to get Predator in the can. According to Dave, the canon was fitted with a six cartridge squib mechanism. One day while filming it didn't fire, so they stopped shooting. When they resumed re-shooting the scene, the cannon fired all 6 charges at once! The cannon flew off the arm, and Kevin Peter Hall was still alive! Richard was the one who patched the cannon back together after it blew up. Apparently there were guys on their hands and knees picking up cannon pieces up from the ground! Talk about Humpty Dumpty! With a large hole to fill, Rich told me he used a piece of spandex and crazy glue. Using his fingers, he fashioned a sort of glue impregnated mesh (like fiberglass) out of the material. Talk about thinking on your feet! So I said to Richard, "now I know why the photo of the original I have contains a fiber patch with greeblies glued on." Rich said he tried his best to make it look like it did before the explosion, but it wasn't 100%. He and the other guys appreciated the fact that I tried to recreate the right side of the cannon as it looked beforehand. Even in the photo below, there are some greeblies, etc. missing that were present in the original.


The guys thought my recreated right side was pretty close to what was originally there.
Some features had to be moved to achieve some symmetry with features on the left side.



Thank's Carl and everyone at the lair I'm really happy for you guys what a year! congrats, the lair will always be a special place.

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Awesome post, Carl. I loved reading what went down at that con. :) Did anyone ask KPH's nephew WHICH Predator costume he wants to make? KPH played 3 of them if he wanted to replicate one his uncle wore. (y)


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Cool pics n tid bits of info there. thanks!

...on a side note... dunno if you want real skulls for the Jamie suit (bandolier). But i'm willing to contribute. It is my thing after all.


Classic p1 buddy....going to start a thread tomorrow
Of course.... of course...! What else would he... what else could he chose but the P1! I love all The KPH, preds, but the P1 trumps them all. I can't wait untill you get the thread underway!
Carl, wow, its hard to imagine those huge things were the lasers used !? And the way Richard, put the cannon back together..!That man is a real Macgyver! lol


is this the under mask with lasers in??
[sharedmedia=core:attachments:23415] just shows how tech has grown in the years...moving thread


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finally caught all the vids....Damn that took forever!!!!... :devil:

what a great event.

so proud to be a part of this place.....well done guys.


finally caught all the vids....Damn that took forever!!!!... :devil:
what a great event.
so proud to be a part of this place.....well done guys.
I will be posting an edited version of the Panel/ Trophy video, with all the segments tied together in a single, smaller, "more easily digested" file later tonight... :)


TA DA! I have taken the 8 segments shot by Jane and edited them together in iMovie and have posted them to Vimeo, which is a video site similar to You Tube, but lets you upload much larger files. Clicking on the link below will start the video immediately, rather than having to wait for a big download. So, without further delay, here's the hour-long Predator Panel! Clicking the blue lettered link takes you to the Vimeo version which is larger in size. You can view it small here, or click on the full screen button on the lower right once the embedded video plays. Have fun!



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That was the tribute footage in the beginning I was blown away by the never-before seen video, wishing I could see more of it! The fact that all those talented people were all there to talk and share their stories...that was unreal. For those of us who couldn't be there, it was the next best thing. Thank you for taking video and sharing with everyone!!!


Great video. Thanks to all again that put this all together. I would buy the video of Mat Winston's behind the scenes footage of all the different movies he must have. Was interesting to see the video from the stills we have all seen for the past 20 years.



just wanted to thank again so much for your help with the Hunter's lair trophy presentation for the Predator panel 2 weeks ago. Jeez, 2 weeks already, and I'm still missing the con! It was great meeting all the guys, having them recount some of the interesting things people don't know about, in the making of Predator.
Here's a link to the video we shot of the event, thanks again.

Hello Carl,
Thanks for forwarding that to me. It was a great, great weekend...pretty spectacular having those guys on stage and the Winston Family in the audience. well as a member of Kevin Peter Hall's family! How cool was that!
The panel was a once in a lifetime experience. I'm happy I was able to host it.
Regards to the Lair.

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