Predator 25Th Reunion At Monsterpalooza Video Added Pg.3

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  1. Awesome pics, great trophies, x 1000 , excellent job!
wish I could have made it; next year for sure :)


Wow looking at all those guys makes me feel old. I remember talking on the phone asking how did they make a mold for the suit. In those days there were no groups. No books. No guides or videos of any kind. You met someone they turned you on to another guy etc etc.

The first pred I made was quite a project. I put out feelers to people I met to get some help. I get a call from a guy who walks me through every inch of how to make a mold. Even running metal rods through it for mobility. Fiberglass was not common we used plaster. Then I find out later it was one of the guys who actually worked on the movie.

Its a wonder I did not kill myself. Almost everything was toxic. Respirator? What was that? LOl

The first time I used A& B Foam. Was a nightmare. All over the place and the wife was not very happy.

After a while you make alot of connection. Bear Burgess from Trek. Rick Lazarini the Character Shop etc.

Then you have a family get a job and loose touch with everyone.

Sorry about the reminiscing but when I saw the pics of all the guys it reminded me of those days.

Fantastic Job Carl and everyone. I am proud to be part of this group.

Sh*t Happens.



I've just watched the video and read this thread for the first time tonight. What a fantastic event and a major coup for the Hunters Lair and Carl in particular. You lucky, lucky ba----d getting to meet the actual guys responsible for creating our film hero. Matt Winston and the crew seem such a down to earth bunch of guys, with a great sense of fun and appeared genuinely touched by the presentation at the end.

Something to remember for everyone and thanks for the posting the video.

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Here it is guys the video from the 25th Anniversary of the video straight from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.
A message from Matt Winston:
[background=rgb(17, 21, 30)]
Since PREDATOR’s 1987 release, the dreadlocked alien hunter has gone on to become a multimedia icon, inspiring a film franchise, video games, toys, collectibles, comic books and fan groups worldwide like our friends at “The Hunter's Lair,” who pay homage to their favorite sci-fi character by building and wearing screen-worthy Predator suits, complete with custom weapons and armor.[/background]
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But none of the young FX artists on Stan Winston’s original PREDATOR crew could have guessed that they were making a classic monster movie in the jungles of Palenque, Mexico all those years ago. They were just trying to survive the elements and pull off the impossible in an insanely short period of time.[/background]
[background=rgb(17, 21, 30)]
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of PREDATOR’s original theatrical release, I was asked by Eliot Brodsky & Shannon Shea to help put together a “Stan Winston Predator Crew” reunion panel at Monsterpalooza 2012, to finally give the guys a chance to share their experiences working on the movie.[/background]
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Most of the original team were able to make it, including Steve Wang, Matt Rose, Shannon Shea, Richard Landon & Dave Kindlon. The room was packed with PREDATOR fans eager to see the FX wizards who helped Stan create an icon. The hour discussion flew by and for those of you who couldn't attend, we're happy to finally share this video with you. [/background]
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To hear all about the making of PREDATOR, from the guys who were there, just click on the video player at the top of the page.[/background]
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Long live the Yautja,[/background]
[background=rgb(17, 21, 30)]
Matt Winston[/background]

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I've just watched the whole thing, it's amazing to hear the stories behind the movie and the little items that were added to "hold the suit together". The presentation was amazing my hat goes off to Carl and everyone else involved in getting the cannons painted and mounted. If it were me handing those trophies out i would have been stuttering and shaking! Very good job Carl.