Predator Apocalypse !!! San Diego Comic Con 2009


Okay, hope it’s all right to open a new tread for this, I’ll update this first post with new video links as time progresses.

Let's start with a brief taste -in frigging HD- of what’s to come ;)
Predator Apocalypse : Trailer
downloadlink: youtube version

THIS is the big one!! Kept you all waiting for a long time, hope it won’t disappoint : )

I felt a little - okay, a lot - pressured after reading all the comments we got on the video from last year.
The new video had to be bigger, better, louder, faster…which was quite daunting.
I tried to push it as far as I could and it turned out fairly over-the-top. Because this year’s group was so large, it was hard to get footage from everyone in the few hours we shot it, but all preds are in there somehow.
Thanks for additional photos from Dave & his wife, Ian, and other members who contributed!
Special thanks to Ken Coleman who, with some photoshop wizardy, turned the closing shot into something really neat!
Hope you guys like it, personally, I consider it to be the ultimate convention video, no idea how we’re gonna top this next year ( Damon, if you say “more preds”, I’m not boarding that plane )
This vid shows the dedication of people on this forum.
YOU GUYS set the standard and deserve all given credit!
So without delay, 15 preds bringing down the house!!

Predator Apocalypse at San Diego Comic Con 2009
Downloadlink: youtube version

Bonus clip available!!!

This is the last clip, it’s a bit long, kinda a melting pot of random weirdness and what is it with parents who keep pushing their kids to pose with predators? :p Some cool reactions from the kids in this one, as well as a few celebs. & aftermath!
B&W photography by

The lighter side of Predator Apocalypse
downloadlink: youtube version

And that’s a wrap, folks! =)
sweet that was cool, it kinda looks like the preds are the menaces around the con, like their presence as they walk thru and everyone is like ;)


Elite Hunter
So cool ..what a big difference seeing these things move ..adds a whole new dimension that still pictures cant quite get ...Hayden's Chpper for example .. love it ..cant wait to see more


Veteran Hunter
Most excellent! Thank you for captioning the names as well...I knew most of them, but this just confirmed it. You guy look freaking awesome!


they had a brief clip of an elder Pred on TNA this week - had a vid report of the stars being at the SDCC and they showed the Pred during the opening montage.


Elite Hunter
;) :p :lol: That was too cool......I know by the end of today I will have watched it 50 times..............KILLER JOB DAVID.