Predator circuit

I lucked out on this one, electronics are v big in the U.K , any one heard of MAPLIN?

I found a kit called the led running light cost about £6.00 basically it does exactly what it
says on the tin, a sequence of leds go in a pattern across the PCB there are nine lights in all

but I have one do I seperate the lights under my clouded black filter above so that
they are bright enough to see through the top? I will post pics soon when I have it all soldered up :)


Not too sure myself on that one. I found an electronics site w/ some LED lighting effects kits that i think have some very interesting possibilities. LED LIGHT EFFECTS KITS - CLICK HERE

Check it out, might take a few of them to do multiple segments on a bomb gaunt, but it should at least give u some ideas!
I saw that someone on here posted a diagram for making your own computer brain but I can't find it. Anyone know the link or have the Schematic?

Thanks :)
Thanks Mac I used a small box kind of like a ring box, drilled 9 holes into it just big enough to poke through each individual light, I then placed the leds in a
random order, covered it over with some red gel film and changed the tempo with the built in potentionometer. I will post pics and videos soon of the whole unit.


I have - I've used the same technique and the exact same circuit board from Maplins. Will post pics/video soon :D


Well I promised pics and vids, so here they are.

Please note, I've since turned round the LED setup so the flashing goes from right to left and not like shown in the pics.

Ok, so I've started by hacking the computer from a plastic toolbox from Hobbycraft. The LED setup is the Running LED kit from


I started by printing out to scale of the box the LEDs on paper, then using clear laminating plastic cut to size, which I ten painted black in the right areas using acrylic paint.


I then used 'Funky Foam' aka Fun Foam/Craft Foam cut to shape and hot-glued it to the clear laminating plastic. I then stuck on the back some cardboard to make it more rigid.


I then set about soldering the LED running set. It was a bit fiddly and required a LOT of patience. I used some extra wire to extend the switches and some of the outer LEDS from the circuit board.


I then cut out from the plastic insides enough room for the circuit board to sit snugly.


With that done, I fitted the battery. This is the result:

LED in the Light AVI

LED in the Dark AVI

Hope you like. I still need to do detailing/painting etc.


Just a quick note, the LEDs are programmable so u can make it do a slow countdown like on the Predator's computer console. :)



Fixed down inside using Hot Glue the circuit board. Hot Glue'd the switches into place then the foam shell. Added Foam detail parts.


Tested switches and circuit boards LEDs.


Hot Glue'd a Pringles can onto it to form the Gauntlet. Added Non-Slip Duck-Tape Rubber inner, so it doesn't slide around.


Getting there I think :)