PREDATOR CLAN GERMANY advertises the movie start

Crazy Hunter

On 10 July, the PREDATOR CLAN GERMANY becomes Releasedate with
Costumes and a large information booth will be present.
Interview with two radio stations and the newspaper press.

Of course I am advocating for the BROTHER FORUM Hunterslairs from the U.S. ;)

At our information booth there for the movie equipment, busts, arms,
watch helmets, books, and photos.

The cinema supported us with big posters by PREDATORS 2 mtr.x1, 20 and

In addition to the 10 members free admission, beverages and Kilo way Poppcorn
The CLAN will do with the new T-shirts carrying advertising.
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Guan Thwei

Elite Hunter
Dude I so want to 2 do this as well for Arizona, but none of us have our suits ready and I might be able to talk to someone and seeing on whether or not we can get anything for being who we are as well. YOU HAVE TO TAKE PICS OF THE WHOLE EVENT!!!


Sounds awesome Crazy Hunter! :D And a huge hand to Predator Clan Germany!!!! :lol: Make sure you get plenty of pics !!!! That’s cool how the cinema is backing you guys and the free movie passes, popcorn and beverages aren’t a bad deal either!
P.S I want a tee-shirt tooo!!!!


Hehehehe, lol. No problem Crazy, heheheh..,but seriously I’d love to see! My contact information is on my Profile if you want to send it via e-mail.
~ Estelle


Great, a pred clan and doing this at a theatre.

For all I know, the misses and me are the only 2 preds hunting on Belgian grounds... So I'll have to be patience to form a clan :D :lol:


This is what i am trying to do here in san Francisco but I think I am the only ne here so it will be a one Prdator gathering.

Crazy Hunter

There is much work to prepare but my new members stick together and want that

In addition, we mtr x 3.00 mtr 1.80 one poster is available.
The movie boss is a womenl.She is 23 years old
Enthusiasm to go to the cause.

I would like to help you if I were with you

Crazy Hunter

We want you
Are you a fan PREDATOR
Have a look at our past
Here you get info
Photos Movies Videos
Purchase of predator costumes
Construction and manufacture of their own stuff
clan, take the events dates
in Germany

We look forward to your visit



Wow! Crazy, that’s a real nice set up! Looks wonderful! I’m sure you and the Predator Clan Germany will do the Predator proud!!!!