PREDATOR CLAN GERMANY advertises the movie start

Guan Thwei

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Here, even the pictures of the hot case and the giant poster, and the places where we have against the bar on our information booth
I think the face hugger is a little out of place because of the rest of the movie poster & props. It is not AVP it is just PREDATORS everything else though flows really nicely and I want that giant poster in my apartment . I wish our theaters here in America would do something like that, but I had asked one of our theater chains and they said that they didn't know if they were doing anything until the week of the film release. We will have to wait and see what is going on :rolleyes:
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Yes i now with the Facehugger that was the trottel of the decorator

We are the poster thrown away

But do not worry as all get after the end kinofilm PREDATORS


I wished I could come with you... *sigh*

But my costume is not ready and I have to stay with my kids.... sometimes it's hard to be a Dad...
"Dieser Planet ist ein Spielfeld und sie sind das Spiel"???

Is that a professionally done translation?

Anyway, nice job on the display and stuff!!


Is that a professionally done translation?

Yeah, that´s the translation they used in the dubbed version here in Germany. Although I think `Spielfeld` for `game-preserve` is a bit off... Spielfeld is something like a playground, a field. But we got the meaning. :p


Wow, you guys definitely had some fun there.
Sad I couldn´t make it this time... but will be there when the next movie comes out! :)