Predator Cloack Movie

Le Celticant

how to make a predator cloack for a movie!
good question, i have a answer ^^
you need:
-a camera
-unlead video 9.0 or 10.0

firsr shoot your movie with no actor and nothing, just a sample shoot.
then re-shoot again the scene with the predator.

launch Unlead Video.
add the two video (import it)
first, add the video with nothing, then add a second video (just under section you can add two movie at same time)
clik on the second clip
look an eye on the left window on chromakey and check the box "apply overlay option"
let the option "chromackey" or turn to chromakey if it's to mask frame.

look the project and enjoy

(sorry i'm french i haven't a very good english, if you haven't understand something, i can add some screenshot)